Concert Review: Three Days Grace and Alter Bridge at Roseland Ballroom NYC 7/11

So I happened to get free tickets to see Three Days Grace and Alter Bridge play the MLB All Star Game Kickoff Concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, NY. Unfortunately, the venue was half-full because

  1. No one sells out Roseland Ballroom anymore.
  2. MLB decided to promote the Bon Jovi concert at Central Park the next day (which I would’ve gone to but it wasn’t guaranteed admission, first come first serve my ass)
  3. The radio station promoting it, K-Rock didn’t start promoting it/giving away tickets until about a week before the event.

I’m pretty sure that Three Days Grace didn’t know that they were playing the gig until Friday afternoon.
Alter Bridge opened the show and played for about 45 minutes. They played Open Up Your Eyes, Rise Today, Before Tomorrow Comes and few other songs that bored me. The hits weren’t bad though despite the fact that I was sober.
Three Days Grace rocked the **** outta the place. Adam Gontier, the lead singer, covered Alice in Chains’s “Rooster” and the whole band covered Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot.” Here are some videos and pics. Enjoy.

You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge or go here for more pics

Alter Bridge – Open Your Eyes

Alter Bridge – Before Tomorrow Comes

Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become

Three Days Grace – Let It Die

Three Days Grace (Adam Gontier acoustic) – Rooster (Alice in Chains cover)

Three Days Grace – Just Like You

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