Foo Fighters Rocked Wembley Stadium (in June) but you can watch it today!

The Foo Fighters played two MASSIVE shows at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 6 and 7. Unfortunately, because we’re in a different timezone than England, we see it at a different time.. and day. At 2pm EST, you can watch it at MSN’s site. This is the only good thing that MSN has ever done. It tried to take down AOL but failed. And everyone hated AOL. MSN is like the ugly girl that wanted to go out with you when you were in a bad relationship with a different chick. No matter how much you hated your girlfriend (AOL), you just couldn’t break up with her and go with out the ugly chick (MSN). The ugly chick(MSN) was SO busted that it made your bitchy (and probably somewhat ugly) girlfriend(AOL) not seem like such an undesirable mate. Anyways, I love Foo Fighters like I love lamp!

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