Billboard Top Albums 7/30/08 | The Audio Perv
30 Jul

1. Miley Cyrus – Breakout (371,000)
Miley’s hotter than the Equator right now. Told ya so.

2. Sugarland – Love On The Inside (314,000)
Apparently hicks have learned how to download too and won’t buy music.

3. Mamma Mia! Soundtrack (168,000)
I think the same crowd bought the Sex and the City soundtrack. But people actually saw that movie.

4. Kid Rock – Rock N Roll Jesus (98,000)
I can’t believe that we still let Kid Rock get away with recording cover songs.

5. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III (85,000)
I bet this would be larger if it weren’t for a lot of the returns.

6. Coldplay’s – Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (75,000)
If it hasn’t happened to you already, these guys will nauseate you like U2.

7. Camp Rock Soundtrack (65,000)
I thought this was a porn movie’s soundtrack for a second.

8. Nas – Untitled (63,000)
I liked the original title better.

9. Now 28 Various Artists (37,000)
Remember when these Now CDs would debut at #1?

10. Taylor Swift – Beautiful Eyes (35,000)
If you can, marry her. now.

Other Notes:
13. Nine Inch Nails – The Slip (29,000)
Don’t Give Away Your Shit For Free, Trent!

28. One Day As A Lion – Self Titled (17,000)
Zach de la Rocha from Rage and ex-the Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore’s new project.. blah

32. Candlebox – Into the Sun (14,000)
This isn’t half bad. Everyone only wants to hear “You” and “Far Behind” though.

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