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2008 July | The Audio Perv - Part 4
Archive for July, 2008
23 Jul

This fall, Avenged Sevenfold and Buckcherry will be touring with Shinedown and Saving Abel. If you were wrongly accused of being gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and had to prove otherwise (and you couldn’t have sex with their sister in front of them), you’d be going to one of these shows.

Tue 09/16/08 Moline, IL i wireless Center
Thu 09/18/08 Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls Canaries Stadium
Fri 09/19/08 Bonner Springs, KS Capitol Federal Park At Sandstone
Sat 09/20/08 Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre
Mon 09/22/08 Lincoln, NE Pershing Center
Tue 09/23/08 Valley Center, KS Kansas Coliseum
Wed 09/24/08 Tulsa, OK River Parks Amphitheater
Tue 09/30/08 Clemson, SC Littlejohn Coliseum

22 Jul

At the Summercase Festival this weekend, Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols was involved in an altercation with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party and possibly some of the dudes from the Foals (who I’ve never heard of). I wasn’t there but I blame it on Rotten because he was a douche to me one time when I bumped into him in the Village. F U Johnny Rotten! Okereke allegedly asked Rotten about his old band Public Image Ltd (post Sex Pistols circa ’78) reuniting. Editor’s note: Old band names used to really suck. Apparently, you don’t ask an old man about his old bands. Rotten then gave Okereke a beat down and said some racist things. Johnny says that Okereke is merely jealous and that none of this went down. Meanwhile somehow, Yannis Philippaki of The Foals threw himself into the fight so that his band could get more attention and he was the only one arrested. Hopefully this will end all crappy punk bands and some of them boring indie rock bands, not all of them (I still <3 you Jack White)

22 Jul

Miley Cyrus played the Good Morning America Concert Series on Friday morning and they aired her interview from it today. She was amazing. She can’t dance a lick but she can sing. I’d rather have her on stage with a club foot and not messing up the songs than lip synching trying to do a somersault (wait.. maybe I’d go with the latter). Chris Martin from Coldplay even gushed about Miley(eww PERV!). Here are all the videos (stop salivating.. she won’t be making the dirty movie.. or will she?) I get the feeling that she’s going to go alternative rock and slutty when she turns 18. Lets start taking bets on it

[redlasso id="1b1e493f-045d-48d4-873c-e8e6c102a5eb"]

See You Again
[redlasso id="84e3184b-87a4-4bae-b1fd-1487364759f3"]

7 Things
[redlasso id="a192213d-b5bf-48b0-9191-a7848b5e2031"]

Fly On The Wall

Bottom Of The Ocean

21 Jul

These guys are an awesome power-pop-punk rock band from NY. I see them as a cooler, more alternative rock New Found Glory (everyone’s guilty pleasure). They’ve gotten some press and they’re playing some bigger shows. They have a big gig at the Knitting Factory in NY on August 17th. You should go buy a ticket and check it out.. unless you’re a communist. Then you should buy two tickets.

Here’s the band’s bio:

“Miniscule Mechanic Mayhem:
A Tale of Tiny Proportions

Once upon a time, in a far away land (more specifically Long Island City, NY) Tiny Machines came together to produce pure audio magnificence. After their first two hours as a band, two songs had already been written (that’s For What It’s Worth and Pushover, for those of you keeping score at home). It would only be a matter of weeks until Tiny Machines gelled into a cohesive unit. This unit, as it turned out, was pretty incredible; but only because each member of Tiny Machines is pretty remarkable on his own.

Supplying the thunderous, heart-pounding back beat for Tiny Machines is Tom “Showcase Showdown” Chiodo. It’s not just Tom’s intensity and break-neck speed that are appealing; but more so his ability to convey emotion strictly through two drumsticks.

Completing the rhythm section is the always amazing and talented, Mr. Jon Keilson. A master of the four string bass, Jon can even kill it on a five string if you ask him nicely. Recently switching over from drums to bass, he is just vocal chords away from making the whole Tiny Machines record by himself!

On guitar, Disney produces melodic mayhem. Hailing from NYC, Disney Prawatyotin has been playing guitar since the tender age of 12, and he’s got the biceps to prove it. Disney is also quite the collector; he has amassed an array of guitars that would put even Lester William Polsfuss to shame.

Rounding out the fearsome foursome is vocalist Adam Brozik. His talents go way beyond singing. Not only is he both an engineer and producer, but he is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to driving the Tiny Machines touring van. A Long Island native, Adam’s profound lyrics and energetic presence are captivating. His untouchable style is sure to set the standard for all who come after.

So what lead up to that fateful day in a smoky Long Island City studio?

Since the fellows in Tiny Machines all wear many hats, Adam Brozik (vocals, engineer) and Jon Keilson (bass, producer) have their own recording business. While in the process of recording Tom’s (drummer, drumstick breaker) now defunct band, said band broke up. Since Tom had an instant connection with the aforementioned audio masterminds, he asked them to start a side project with him. Through much convincing and maybe a little money under the table, Jon and Adam said yes. As luck would have it, Disney Prawatyotin (guitar, guitar buyer) was free to come on board, and had been eager and waiting to start a band with Tom since they met back in 2001.

It would only be a matter of weeks until Tiny Machines fused together and wrote the six songs that would launch them out of New York City and into… well, Great Mills Maryland. The official birth of Tiny Machines was their first show at Park Rock Festival in the wonderful city of Great Mills. The show went so well that the band headed straight back to their home base to record “A Likely Story”, their debut EP which was released 12.25.07.

Following the release, the band set out on a DIY two week tour of the east coast. Tiny Machines wowed audiences from Asbury Park, NJ down to Tampa, FL and back up to York, PA. With a tour under their collective belt, Tiny Machines will be perfecting their sound by playing shows throughout the quad-state area. World domination is just around the corner! All in all a happy ending; and so it was, a happy ending.

For booking/management/press inquiries please contact:
via e-mail: Emily@PlayerTwoManagement.com
via MySpace: www.myspace.com/PlayerTwoManagement”

21 Jul

The Vines have a new album out (July 22nd) and Craig Nicholls talked to the Herald about it. I have a few videos of the new songs for all of my fans out there before they go to Chipotle for a “high-class meal.” Enjoy.

The Vines – He’s A Rocker (official video)

The Vines – He’s A Rocker (live on Aussie TV 7/20/08)

The Vines – Get Out (Live in Sydney 7/16/08)

18 Jul

I haven’t watched it yet but I’ll give “ya’ll” my opinion on it later. It’s on the DVR but I heard it kicked ass. Here are the videos from the show if you missed it.

Pearl Jam – The Real Me

Pearl Jam – Love Reign O’er Me

Foo Fighters – Young Man’s Blues

Foo Fighters – Bargain

Adam Sandler – Magic Bus

Incubus – I Can See For Miles

Flaming Lips – Medley from Tommy

Tenacious D – Squeeze Box

The Who – Baba O Reilly

The Who – Who Are You

The Who – My Generation

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes

The Who – Tea and the Theatre

18 Jul

Rise Against are droppin their new album on October 7th. They’re also going to be touring this fall with Alkaline Trio, Thrice, and The Gaslight Anthem. I like a total of two songs out of those three other bands. Oh well. Go here for more news and check out Prayer Of The Refugee from the Download Festival a few weeks back.

18 Jul

I sometimes wish that it was normal to wake up at 10am during the week. If I could get the workday to start at 10am, I’d be a miracle man .. and maybe President. Here’s Coldplay on Leno last night:

Viva La Vida


17 Jul

Recently, Weezer went on a “tour” of different cities where they invited fans to come and perform songs with them. Fans brought guitars, bells, whistles, cowbells, your mom’s underwear etc. Doesn’t Rivers look awesome with his Dateline: To Catch A Predator stache? You can watch these videos by going to the nissan live sets or you can be lazy and just click on some of these:

Pork and Beans

Come On Down To The Hootenany

Creep (Radiohead cover)

Island In The Sun

17 Jul

The Foo Fighters played two MASSIVE shows at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 6 and 7. Unfortunately, because we’re in a different timezone than England, we see it at a different time.. and day. At 2pm EST, you can watch it at MSN’s site. This is the only good thing that MSN has ever done. It tried to take down AOL but failed. And everyone hated AOL. MSN is like the ugly girl that wanted to go out with you when you were in a bad relationship with a different chick. No matter how much you hated your girlfriend (AOL), you just couldn’t break up with her and go with out the ugly chick (MSN). The ugly chick(MSN) was SO busted that it made your bitchy (and probably somewhat ugly) girlfriend(AOL) not seem like such an undesirable mate. Anyways, I love Foo Fighters like I love lamp!

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