Barry Kerch of Shinedown Interview

Last week, 411 interviewed Barry Kerch, the drummer from Shinedown where he talks about selling out, working with emo-rock producer extraordinaire Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), and getting rid of bandmates. Here’s a fake excerpt:

“Interviewer: Why does your new album sound so bland compared to your last few?
Barry: Oh that’s the sound that Rob Cavallo thought would be best for us. In fact, we even have a few emo songs on this album. To get into the mood for it, we painted our fingernails black, lost a ton of weight, and wrote songs about girls who are bigger than us.

Interviewer: That Rob Cavallo is a genius.
Barry: He sure is. He persuaded me to buy a pair of Etnies sneakers from Zumiez. I was unsure at first but he’s totally right. All the kids dig them. I saw a few wearing them at Hot Topic while they were checking out the From First To Last CD.

Interviewer: And that’s the crowd you wanna appeal to!
Barry: Most definitely! I’m even making a screenname xxTacoDrumsxx.”
Read the real, much less dramatic interview here.

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