Rolling Stone is experiencing shrinkage

Yes, you read that right. Rolling Stone is experiencing shrinkage. Not shrinkage like this great Seinfeld clip or this clip. Starting with the October 30th issue (on stands October 17), the issue will be shaped more like every other magazine at 8 by 11 inches (as opposed to its 10 by 11 something inch former size). It’ll also have its pages glued for a thicker boundness instead of being stapled. And they’ll have up to 20 more pages! The main reason this was done was to increase advertizing in the magazine… oh and to give me a better fly swatter (Thanks Jann!). While we all know that the size of the magazine’s pages isnt the reason that people don’t read Rolling Stone anymore (too much human interest bullshit, politics politics politics, very few rock reviews, not enough Nick Diamond), Jann Wenner and the rest of the buffoons don’t know that. So they’ll keep giving us plenty more of “Teen Cheerleader Suicide in Mississippi”, McCain vs Obama, “The World is Being Destroyed and Who Can Save It” and Kanye West.

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