Joe Satriani: My band’s name (Chickenfoot) sucks

MusicRadar interviewed Joe Satriani recently about his new group with Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers and former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar(Mas Tequila!) and Michael Anthony(Mas Whiskey?) called Chickenfoot. Satriani claims that the band sounds like early Zeppelin (Why do people do this? Didn’t early Zeppelin suck just like early Nirvana, early Metallica, early Jonas Brothers etc. They were just learning to play their instruments!) and that the band will be changing their name soon (Good call). Hear more of the interview here.

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  1. You’re completely wrong. It was Sammy who supposedly said this, then Joe Satriani in his interview said that he doubted that Sammy would say this.

    Get your facts straight! ;-)

  2. Haha, thanks for reading but you should check out the link and listen to the interview. In regards to the name, Joe confirms that the band will NOT be named Chickenfoot but is merely named so now just so people have something to refer it as. Now with the Zeppelin comment, Sammy allegedly said that the band would be bigger than Zeppelin BUT in trying to save Sammy’s ass, Joe says that the energy that the band brings and all their roots remind of them of early Zeppelin. Listen to the second clip at around the 3:50 mark. Not trying to start an argument but not admitting that I’m “completely wrong.” haha. Thanks for reading ;)

  3. Wow. Not only was your comments about early led zep and metallica completely false, but also completely biased and makes for horrible journalism. This is exemplified by the fact that you consider The Jonas Brothers and Nirvana – both bands who struggle to show even a minuscule amount of technical skill with their instruments during their entire careers. You sir, have absolutely no credibility nor concept of music theory and as such are in no position to pass judgement on any band. In the meantime enjoy your awful, tasteless mainstream oriented music.

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to post about one of your clients. How do you know that early Led Zeppelin and Metallica didn’t suck? Were you there in their garages/flats listening to them try to tune by ear for the first time? I said that all bands suck starting out so chill the fuck out. The Jonas Brothers and Nirvana who may not have the technical skill of any of your Satrianis/Ray Vaughans or any other Malmsteen shit but they’re more melodic than any of your guys ever will be and because of that they’re more popular and people give a damn about them. I have no idea who the hell you are but you have no credibility whatsoever. I never once made any assertion of having any degree of Music Theory. Being a music blogger as well as someone who’s worked in the industry and knows what the public likes (NOT SATRIANI OR CHICKENFOOT), I am FULLY QUALIFIED to pass judgement on any band, artist, or gimmick I wish. We’re glad that you’re still alive even though your sense of humor as well as taste in music died in 1979. You’re no better than the middle aged moms who still worship Chris Cornell. Heaven forbid that we don’t worship everytime one of your heroes is on the cover of Guitar World magazine and bust one out like you do. I’d love to read one of your love letters to Satriani that you’ve mailed him. You know, the ones where you kiss his ass just enough to let him know that you like him and admire him but not enough to scare him away like the true G3 stalker that you are. Go fuck yourself but thanks for your opinion!

    The Audio Perv

  5. What you hear today is in no way music. Music has been dumbed down for it’s audience. At least Joe is trying. The crap that’s repeatedly played on the radio, by people who have no idea about music is horrible. To be fair, some of the stuff is good but the majority of it is BS created by people who aren’t true musicians but know how to read a drum machine manual. Give Joe a chance.

  6. Wow drain182… defensive much? You work in the music industry? AS WHAT? I don’t believe it. If you did, you’d know how stupid a statement is like “doesn’t early Zeppelin and Metallica suck?”. Then you try and backpedal, saying that “They were just learning to play their instruments”. Do you know what early Zeppelin is? It’s the albums Led Zep I and II. That is early Zep, and they were not learning to play their instruments then. Jimmy Page had been in the Yardbirds and a session guitarist for years before. If you were in the music business as more than a gopher, you’d know this. And Nirvana is melodic? Are you serious?? And then you talk about someone elses musical choices as “your guys”. You’re about 18 years old, aren’t you? And guess what… Chickenfoot is still called Chickenfoot… so you were WRONG Mr. Music Business!

  7. How about you chill the hell out Angry Little Dwarf? Just because you’re a Chickenfoot fan who’s above the age of 50 doesn’t mean that you know the music business. Early everything mostly sucked. Sammy Hagar was cocky as hell about this band and you know what, it mostly blows. “Oh yeah”, that song blows. It rips off Red Hot Chili Peppers and not in a good way. And just because Jimmy Page was in the Yardbirds doesn’t mean that the rest of Zep was any good in the beginning. And when I was referring to “early Zep”, I meant before any of their decent albums. Just because you roadied for some Zep opening band doesn’t mean that you have more music business experience than me. I wasn’t a gopher and I don’t need to defend my positions in the biz. Nirvana is more melodic than Chickenshit ever will be. I’m older than 18 years old but not old enough to not know what’s playing on the radio and YOUNG people are listening to. And I didn’t claim that the band was going to change the name but that the band was going to change it according to the interview. Get your shit straight before you mouth off, now go fuck yourself. Btw, thanks for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and you’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how old and wrong you are.

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