The Killers played on SNL (Videos) on 10/4

The Killers were on Saturday Night Live yesterday and they played “Human” and “Spaceman” off of their new album Day & Age. Check out the videos here:



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  1. In response of travis:

    Are you kidding? They were awesome especially on Spaceman. Ok Brandon looked a little bit nervous on Human at the beginning but after he was so great :)

  2. Was a very good show in my opinion, regardles or no he was nervous on Human he still sing well on both, and the rest was perfect . . well the miq failed on spaceman a bit but well thats not their fault ^^

  3. Brandon improved SO MUCH since their September 2006 visit. He was so tone deaf then.

    A little late to comment ..

  4. how did brandon look nervous???? he just looked awkward like at the beginning when he was looking around awkwardly in “human”

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