Nine Inch Nails played the UCF Arena in Orlando on 10/28 (Review + Videos) | The Audio Perv
31 Oct

Pic thanks to TheUniversalCynic on flickr

Apologies first off for taking so damn long to update. The Audio Perv’s been recovering from CMJ and it was very long and taxing. This site will be updated more often and we’ll have even less of a life than we already do. With that out of the way, here’s a Nine Inch Nails show review and videos from their show at the UCF Arena on Tuesday night. From what can be gathered by this review, it’s starting to seem like Trent and his posse can just tour forever and not worry about selling new music. Nine Inch Nails has become the new Phish or Dave Matthews Band of Industrial (yes Trent, I picked one genre for your music. Pissed much?). Btw, Trent loves himself a lot. If you don’t believe me, look at that friggin picture. Check out the videos below:


Hurt (diff angle)

The Hand That Feeds

999,999 and 1,000,000

Ghosts 31

The Great Destroyer



Terrible Lie

Head Down

The Wretched

March of the Pigs


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