2008 October | The Audio Perv - Part 2
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26 Oct

1. Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over
2. Ludo – Love Me Dead
3. The Killers – Human
4. Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
5. Weezer – Troublemaker
6. Weezer – Pork And Beans
7. Slightly Stoopid – 2 AM
8. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
9. Beck – Gamma Ray
10. Death Cab For Cutie – Cath…
11. The Gaslight Anthem – The ‘59 Sound
12. Coldplay – Lost!
13. TV On The Radio – Dancing Choose
14. The Republic Tigers – Buildings & Mountains
15. Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet
16. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
17. Rise Against – Re-Education (Through Labor)
18. The Smashing Pumpkins – G.L.O.W.
19. One Day As A Lion – Wild International
20. Oasis – The Shock Of The Lightning
21. Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent
22. The Urgency – Fingertips
23. Flobots – Handlebars
24. Anberlin – The Feel Good Drag
25. Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution
26. The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
27. Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me
28. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye
29. Muse – Starlight
30. Snow Patrol – Take Back The City

26 Oct

1. Sixx: A.M. – Life Is Beautiful
2. Three Days Grace – Riot
3. Saving Abel – Addicted
4. Disturbed – Inside The Fire
5. Seether – Rise Above This
6. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch
7. 3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time
8. Rise Against – The Good Left Undone
9. 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill
10. Hinder – Use Me
11. Foo Fighters – The Pretender
12. Puddle Of Mudd – Psycho
13. Rehab – Sittin’ At A Bar
14. Saving Abel – 18 Days
15. Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody
16. Foo Fighters – All My Life
17. Shinedown – Second Chance
18. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
19. Godsmack – I Stand Alone
20. Three Days Grace – Never Too Late
21. Chevelle – Send The Pain Below
22. Breaking Benjamin – The Diary Of Jane
23. Seether – Fake It
24. Shinedown – Fly From The Inside
25. Stone Temple Pilots – Plush
26. Tonic – If You Could Only See
27. Nirvana – Come As You Are
28. Staind – For You
29. The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight
30. System Of A Down – Chop Suey!

26 Oct

1. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
2. Weezer – Troublemaker
3. Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
4. Apocalyptica – I Don’t Care
5. The Killers – Human
6. Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest
7. Staind – Believe
8. Death Cab For Cutie – Cath…
9. The Black And White Years – Power To Change
10. Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me
11. Rise Against – Re-Education (Through Labor)
12. Spoon – Don’t You Evah
13. The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
14. The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution
15. Atreyu – Falling Down
16. Coldplay – Viva La Vida
17. Coldplay – Lost!
18. Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day
19. Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over
20. The Bravery – Believe
21. Foo Fighters – Let It Die
22. Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
23. Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
24. Metallica – The Day That Never Comes
25. Blind Melon – No Rain
26. Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet
27. Slipknot – Dead Memories
28. Oasis – The Shock Of The Lightning
29. Toadies – Tyler
30. Toadies – I Come From The Water

26 Oct

1. Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
2. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
3. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
4. The Killers – Human
5. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
6. Rise Against – Re-Education (Through Labor)
7. MGMT – Kids
8. Slightly Stoopid – 2 AM
9. The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight
10. Incubus – Love Hurts
11. Beck – Gamma Ray
12. Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet
13. Foo Fighters – The Pretender
14. Muse – Starlight
15. Death Cab For Cutie – Cath…
16. The Bravery – Believe
17. Paramore – Decode
18. Weezer – Pork And Beans
19. Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me
20. Foo Fighters – Let It Die
21. Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over
22. Muse – Knights Of Cydonia
23. Weezer – Troublemaker
24. Snow Patrol – Take Back The City
25. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye
26. Hoobastank – My Turn
27. Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee
28. Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution
29. The Gaslight Anthem – The ‘59 Sound
30. The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero

23 Oct

Mainstream Rock Tracks

1. Metallica – The Day That Never Comes
2. AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train
3. Theory Of A Deadman – Bad Girlfriend
4. Hinder – Use Me
5. Apocalyptica Featuring Adam Gontier- I Don’t Care
6. Disturbed – Indestructible
7. Staind – Believe
8. Shinedown – Second Chance
9. Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody
10. Mudvayne – Do What You Do
11. Slipknot – Psychosocial
12. Seether – Breakdown
13. Buckcherry – Too Drunk…
14. Saving Abel – Addicted
15. Trapt – Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?
16. Puddle Of Mudd – Livin’ On Borrowed Time
17. Saving Abel – 18 Days 3 Doors Down – Train
18. Disturbed – Inside The Fire
19. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
20. Black Stone Cherry – Blind Man
21. Hollywood Undead – Undead
22. Avenged Sevenfold – Scream
23. Bullet For My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire
24. 12 Stones – Adrenaline
25. Royal Bliss – Save Me
26. Smashing Pumpkins – G.L.O.W.
27. All That Remains – Two Weeks
28. Drowning Pool – 37 Stitches
29. Sevendust Featuring Chris Daughtry – The Past
30. Motley Crue – Mutherfucker of the Year

Modern Rock Tracks

1. The Offspring- You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
2. Weezer- Troublemaker
3. Rise Against- Re-Education (Through Labor)
4. Apocalyptica Featuring Adam Gontier- I Don’t Care
5. Kings Of Leon- Sex On Fire
6. The Killers – Human
7. Staind- Believe
8. Metallica- The Day That Never Comes
9. Theory Of A Deadman- Bad Girlfriend
10. Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody
11. Foo Fighters- Let It Die
12. Oasis- The Shock Of The Lightning
13. Carolina Liar- I’m Not Over
14. Death Cab For Cutie- Cath…
15. Coldplay- Viva La Vida
16. Saving Abel- Addicted
17. Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest
18. Seether – Breakdown
19. Disturbed- Inside The Fire
20. Smashing Pumpkins – G.L.O.W.
21. Shiny Toy Guns – Ricochet
22. Coldplay – Lost!
23. Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care
24. Shinedown – Second Chance
25. AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train
26. Mudvayne – Do What You Do
27. Paramore – Decode
28. Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution
29. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
30. Anberlin – Feel Good Drag

23 Oct

Billboard’s reporting that everyone’s coppin (they taught me that when I worked urban music) the new AC/DC album at Walmart and Sam’s Club. They’re saying that about 193,000 copies were sold on the first day and maybe up to 800,000 by the end of the week. Walmart’s gone full out on this setting up little AC/DC stores within their stores featuring the band’s tshirts, CDs, Rock Band video game setups, etc. I wasn’t digging the single originally “Rock N Roll Train” but it’s starting to catch onto me. I still won’t pay 100 bucks plus TM fees to see them. Screw that.

23 Oct

Just report on Billboard.biz this morning, Ticketmaster is buying a majority interest in Front Line Management. Ticketmaster originally had a minority interest in the company. Front Line’s Irving Azoff will head the newly crowned company, Ticketmaster Entertainment. Current Chief Executive of Ticketmaster, Sean Moriarity (sounds fake doesn’t it?) will report to Azoff. Barry Diller, chairman of Ticketmaster (and owner of everyone’s souls) said:
“Ticketmaster is obviously going to expand in the things that it does, in the areas that it provides services, and having it led by the force that is Irving Azoff gives Ticketmaster a really good chance to continue to be successful.” Ticketmaster will pay $123 million to Warner Music Group (who’s owned 30 percent of Front Line since last year) to buy the big chunk of Front Line, according to the Wall Street Journal. Damn man, Ticketmaster is getting ready to fight Live Nation hard! Let’s just hope that ticket convenience fees drop.

22 Oct

1. Kenny Chesney – Lucky Old Sun (176,000)
2. T.I. – Paper Trail (132,000)
3. Ray LaMontagne – Gossip in the Grain (60,000)
4. Metallica – Death Magnetic (51,000)
5. Jennifer Hudson -self titled (46,000)
6. Kid Rock – Rock N Roll Jesus (45,000)
7. Keane – Perfect Symmetry (43,000)
8. Ne-Yo – Year of the Gentleman (40,000)
9. Lucinda Williams – Little Honey (35,000)
10. James Taylor – Covers (31,000)

22 Oct

The Audio Perv is at CMJ this week. If you’re there, send an email to theaudioperv@gmail.com with pics, reviews, videos, rants, moans, etc. The Perv attended Panels from 12:30 to 4:45.

First up was Artist Development: Then and Now.
Panelists: Moderator: Jason Flom
Stephen Ferrera, Executive Vice President, A&R, Island/Mercury Records
Gregg Wattenberg, Chief Creative Officer/Executive Vice President, Wind-Up Records
Jonathan Daniel, Partner, Crush Music Management
James Cruz SRC (Street Records Corporation)

Flom was basically a wiseass and kept talking about McCain and Palin. Cruz mentioned how the term “sell-out” doesn’t apply anymore as bands are brands quite often these days (i.e. 50 Cent with Vitamin Water). Daniel used to be in a hair band on the Strip and now manages a bunch of emo-ish bands like Fall Out Boy and talked about how its important to increase awareness of a band even if it’s not in a purely positive way like “creating ‘Fall Out Boy is for lovers’ shirts as well as ‘Fall Out Boy is for losers’ shirts”. Ferrera talked about how some artists sometimes need to be molded and all the panelists talked about how some artists need two-three records to truly establish an identity, like Katy Perry. Perry was dropped by Columbia and everyone took a few shots at Columbia for giving up on popular artists like Alicia Keys and 50 Cent. Wattenberg talked about this program that Wind Up has for artist development where they sometimes relocate their artists to the NYC area, pay for their apartment, rehearsal space, recording. This reminded me of an article about how Diana Meltzer, head of A&R at Wind Up, hired personal trainers for Amy Lee and Ben Moody in Evanescence as well as paying for acting classes for Amy Lee.

Quote of the panel: Flom: “If eight years of Bush doesn’t make people angry enough to make great music, I don’t know what will.”

Panel 2: Thank God We Got Dropped
Panelists: Moderator: Michael Caplan, Executive Vice President, A&R, Razor and Tie
Ed Harris, Guitarist, Lake Trout
Michael Goldstone, Owner- Mom and Pop Music, Qprime
Jeffrey Epstein, Vice President, Elite Artist Services
Patti Rothberg, The Bogart Trip

Michael Caplan’s really funny. I saw him at CMJ four years ago and he’s still the same guy. Except back then, he had Los Lonely Boys on Or Music and he had sold his label to Sony. Sony then continued to rip him off (like before he started Or Music) and ended up firing him. He’s at Razor and Tie now. Michael Goldstone signed Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine to Columbia back in the day. He was working at Sire Records when he decided to leave because the major label routine wasn’t his thing. Now he has his own label called Mom and Pop set up through Q Prime management. He’s a real chill dude. Jeff Epstein at Elite Artist Services helps indy/unsigned bands with funds to help them put out their music. Patti Rothberg was once a buzz artist. Now she’s busy desperately trying to sell her music. Rothberg held up her CD at least 3 times and kept mentioning it throughout the discussion.
Harris’s band Laketrout was stuck on their indy label and couldn’t get out of their contract. It was a long story that you can find out the details on Google. This panel was alright, sorta boring. Quick note: The audience at these panels have the dumbest questions that don’t relate at all to the panel.

Panel 3: Go Cheap or Stay Home: A Cost Effective Touring Symposium
Panelists: Moderator: Ralph Jaccodine, President, Ralph Jaccodine Management
Stephen Brush, President, International Artist Agency
Howard Han, Founder/CEO, GigMaven
Geoff Rickly, Singer, Thursday
Heath Miller, Talent Buyer, Metropolitan Talent Presents

Jaccodine manages a lot of cool, quirky bands like Bang Camaro. Brush books a lot of hip hop bands like Wu Tang Clan. He used to be an assistant at ICM. Howard Han started GigMaven which is a site that allows bands to book shows with venues. Rickly sings for Thursday, emo/screamo band. Miller works at Metropolitan Talent Presents as a talent buyer but also books shows for his own venue School of Rock in Hackensack, NJ. Jaccodine kept talkin about Ellis Paul, this folk dude who will play in your living room for the right price. The panelists talked a lot about playing house/basement shows and trying to live on minimal means. Jaccodine mentioned how one of his bands Bang Camaro (which can have up to 20 members) sneaks in a lot of the bandmates into their 2 hotel rooms after registration. Rickly talked about how each band member on their earlier tours lived off 5 bucks a day. He said that his guitarist would come up with the most disgusting combinations for his meals like barbeque flavored chips with mayonaise and salami. Brush talked about how sometimes promoters might lose money on shows and the artists always refuse to help out the promoter and deflecting blame. Brush said that he has personally refunded the difference to promoters out of his own pocket to ensure that he maintained strong relations with the promoter. Han kept trying to shove GigMaven down our throats and scheduling as many shows as possible in a small area. Miller talked about trying to make sure that your trailer attached to your van is in great shape because it can prevent wear and tear which can cause your van to break down thereby increasing tour costs. Rickly said that they had their van break down once and they contacted a local bar in the area and played a few consecutive nights of residency at the bar to raise money to fix their van.

As far as shows goes, The Perv saw:

Semi Precious Weapons at Arlenes (Fuckin rocked. they’re going to explode)
Shiny Toy Guns at Santos Party House (quality show)
The Gostation at Fontana’s (eh, the mix was awful. the band seems tired of themselves)
Pete and J at The Living Room (sounded great. you can put this on when you make love to your woman, or man, or animal)
The Wheel at Fontana’s (the dude has a great voice. a few of the songs sounded like Foo Fighters acoustic which The Perv loves)

There will be some pics and videos I’ll pull from online later on. Got another panel to go to today before UCB and a bunch of shows and meeting people tonight.

22 Oct

Edgar Bronfman Jr is a bit of an asshole. I’ve met him, he sucks. So does his assistant. In fact, WMG and the whole world would be better if he weren’t around. One thing that he likes to keep quiet is that he has an African American son named Benjamin Brewer, lead singer of The Exit. Ben’s girlfriend is M.I.A.. This means that EB Jr. is going to be a grandpa. Good for him. Maybe now he can sign M.I.A. onto one of WMG’s labels.