Another Buckcherry Josh Todd Interview

Josh Todd is a resilient, persistent mofo .. he’s also very lucky. Buckcherry was as good as dead about 4 years ago until “Crazy Bitch” hit the radio and they’ve been all over the place since. Their newest album “Black Butterfly” debuted in the top 10 recently and they’re touring the country now with Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown and Saving Abel. Josh recently spoke with Hard Rock Hideout about Obama, the new AC/DC album, making movies, the tour and the new album. Check it out here. Here’s an excerpt:

HRH: What are the plans going into the new year for the band?

Josh Todd: Well we have this new album “Black Butterfly” and it has a lot of great songs so we are going to be putting in alot of time and effort to make sure everyone gets to hear the depth of this record like we did with “15″ we toured two years and over 300 shows and we have already done 65 shows and the album hasn’t been out for two months yet. So we are just going to be touring and getting these songs out on the radio so everyone will know what’s going on here.

HRH: After 4 albums “Black Butterfly” is the first one to hit the Top 10. How big is that for the band?

Josh Todd: It is huge for us you know. We have been after this for a long time and that is something you dream about hitting milestones like that. We always want to elevate our game from record to record and that is what we try to do.

HRH: You and Keith started Buckcherry because of a mutual love of AC/DC. Have you had a chance to hear “Black Ice”?

Josh Todd: I did I have the record, but I thought Stiff Upper Lip was a better record. But there are a couple of songs I really like, I like the first single “Rock-n-Roll Train” and there is another song called “Anything Goes” where Brian is singing with a lot more meoldy and I thought that was cool. As a whole I didn’t think the record was a great record but it is a good rock-n-roll record.

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