Jason Flom gets Lava Records back


Jason Flom has finally got his baby back. Flom had started Lava Records under Atlantic/WMG back around the 90s where he helped launch Kid Rock, Simple Plan amongst others. This was after spending a decade putting out a bunch of hair metal bands that your mom still probably worships. After getting canned by Lyor Cohen (Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music in the Americas for WMG) at WMG and being downsized from Virgin, Flom is back with his mentor Doug Morris (Chairman & CEO) at Universal. With the help of Monte Lipman (President & CEO) of Universal Republic, Flom will be able to run his label while looking for hits. Universal Republic will provide promotion, marketing, sales and distribution for Flom’s Lava Records.

Flom said: “What attracted me most to Universal Republic was Monte’s approach to the creative process, and the energy and passion of his team. Despite the challenges of the music business today, our partnership with Monte and his team will assure the strongest possible future for our artists.”

Welcome back, J.Flo and Good Luck.


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  1. Jasom Flom is responsible for many great artists being signed, especially talented female artists. I, for one am thrilled that he is back!
    I hope he takes a look at the artist I represent, Anne McCue.
    http://www.AnneMcCue.com she has opened & toured with Lucinda Williams and Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart).
    One of the most amazing singer/songwriters and guitarists.

    Kudos to Jason Flom!

    Linda Lewis

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