RIP G ROCK RADIO 106.3 NJ: Update SAVE GROCK PETITION and Matt Murray Responds!

So I noticed something was up when I tried to listen to G Rock online and I heard absolute crap. After a few readers emailed/commented, I knew that it was true. It was over. WHTG 106.3 G Rock has changed formats to a Top 40 Station. We will no longer post anymore playlists from WHTG. RIP G Rock. You sponsored a lot of awesome shows that we’ve gone to and played excellent alternative rock that you can’t hear really hear anymore. This is why commercial radio sucks. You can’t hear any good alternative rock music anymore. Few stations take chances. Though it won’t help you fully get over the loss of WHTG, I’d suggest checking out (WRXP in NY), 1.FM on Shoutcast Radio, (Indie 103.1 in Cali) and (KROQ LA). I’d also say check out this site and its comments that talks about Brian and Jen being fired before Matt Murray and Erin Vogt took over the morning show(It seems like WHTG has had bad management for quite a while). I also was contacted by Gary over at The Penguin Rocks and they play a lot of cool indie music online. For more info on the history of G Rock and confirmation on the format change, go to its wiki here.

Update 2:20pm 11/20/09Here’s a petition that I’ve been emailed set up to save G Rock.

Update 2:00pm 11/20/09I received a reply back from Matt Murray on Myspace.
“hey thanks for hitting me up and its nice to see on your site the support the station was getting. I was called in off vacation to get fired. I was offerd no posistion at the new station so I am looking for work. Do I think press comm made a mistake? absolutly yes but its there station to do what they want with. Hopefully I can try to find something local.

As for those listners from my time doing “Murray Til Midnight” to the “Morning G” I had a great time doing radio for everybody. I feel we had built a station like no other. but unfortunatly the sales staff there didnt feel they could sell it to advertisers, so the change happend.”

Update 12:00pm 11/20/09:Former 106.3 FM DJ Sean Carolan is setting up a G Rock substitute by Saturday on Altrok Radio. You can tune in online at He intends on keeping the vibe of the old station going by playing great new music. If you have any suggestions, you can hit him up at

Update 2:00am 11/20/09:Hey guys, so I contacted Matt Knight on Myspace and he was kind enough to write back to me tonight. He’s post a blog about it on his page but I think that his Myspace is private so you’ll have to ask to add him or find it elsewhere. Here’s what he had to say below:

“Without getting into any specific details, I was called into a meeting at 10am today in which they told me at 12 noon they were flipping G Rock into a Mainstream top 40 station. Take your disappointment, multiply it by 1000, and that’s not even
close to how I feel right now.

I will remain with the new station in a capacity on the air to be determined soon.

That’s pretty much all I know at this point.”

In a second message, Matt said:
“I did get to read the comments posted on your story, and needless to say, it absolutely breaks my heart to see how many people are disappointed. I’ve been up since 4:30am and I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep. It’s gutwrenching.

All I can say is that I found out about this 2 hours before it happened. I was even on the air this morning for the Morning G while Murray was on vacation with all expectations to be continuing filling the remainder of the week.”

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  1. Without G-Rock, FM Radio is Monmouth/Ocean is terrible. Hit 106 is just another Top 40 station – completely irrelevant and unnecessary. People who actually like Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas and that sort of rubbish already had plenty of choices … and that was before both G-Rock and K-Rock flipped to even more of that crap!

    From the free-form sound of early FM 106.3 in the ’80s, to Matt Pinfield, to those great shows like Friday Night Frenzy and Barrage From The Garage with Bart Cross-Tierney in the ’90s, to changing ownership but still sounding great (esp. with Terrie Carr at the helm) this decade, WHTG has a lot of great history.

    Not only am I pissed off about losing such a great station, but it infuriates me how Press Communications handled the change. They didn’t even tell the staff at the station about the format change until less than 2 hours before it happened, told morning host Matt Murray to take a hike while he was on vacation, and did not even give the station a proper tribute or send-off … just went from playing modern rock at the 11:00 AM hour to changing the station IDs and playing Top 40 at noon. And this was all made worse by the very nasty, condescending letter sent to G-Rock listeners by Press’s CEO later that week, which claimed that we were “reluctant to fill out Arbitrons”.

    Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that the Bring Back G-Rock movement isn’t dead, but we need your help to keep it alive. Come to our Facebook page … we can reminisce about the good old days of G-Rock and FM 106.3, and we’re having discussions about what we can do to have it brought back.

    Also don’t forget to join G-Action, the companion group that takes the measures needed to advance the group agenda (right now, we are boycotting EVERYONE that advertises on Hit 106!).

    Bring Back GRock!:

  2. what else can i say?? im listening to the rat, 95.9…its the closest thing to grock, but its not even close. not enough of anything good…lots of old stuff…

  3. I don’t bother turning on the radio anymore. Just plug in the ipod and go. Grock was the only station I really enjoyed, I even listened online when I lived out of state. Krock in NY is also dead too, so unless you’re a huge rap fan you are out of luck in NJ.
    sad day…

  4. is alternative rock really so unpopular that there are no stations that can survive? is there a single alt rock station in this country that even closely compares to grock? this is pathetically sad. there are literally NO good public stations, not just in NJ but anywher, that I am aware of. it was good, not it fukn great, while it lasted. last week i went to see thee offspring at starland and it was just the worst feeling ever that grock wasnt around, they werent involved, they didnt announce the concert (i almost missed it!) how are we to continue without a station like grock to keep us informed of killer new music and songs and remind us of the “oldies”.
    Still missing you and all the Dj’s.

  5. I have moved to South Jersy not realizing that HTG had gone mainstream. Although it does not effect me because I am out of listening range, I felt disgusted after many years about 25 listening to a great alternative station where their was freedom of choice. Not Top 20, repeat after, repeat. I can’t believe its gone, it was very loved and I dont understand the transition. WHTG w/ Matt and the many other dedicated DJs I truly enjoyed listening everyday.Thanks it was great, hope you come back

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