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20 Feb

A few years ago you might’ve thought of Papa Roach as a washed up leftover from the nu-metal period. Fortunately for the band, they’ve been able to adapt to the always changing industry and to the tastes of a newer demographic. Though they still write songs about the same things (love, troubled childhoods, etc), their music now is definitely more modern and general. Some call it selling out but I’d call it surviving.

Jacoby Shaddix sat down with LiveDaily recently and here are some bits from the interview:

re: the upcoming Buckcherry, Avenged Sevenfold, Saving Abel tour
“We’re just going to annihilate the country before our rock-’n'-roll record comes and drops on the masses.”

“We make a f—ing club feel like an arena and we make an arena feel like a club. That’s the kind of band we are. We get our audience really involved in our set and we just try to make a fever pitch of energy to where people just feel exhausted after they see us play live. We want people to forget about time when they see us live. We want to play in front of people for an hour and a half and they thought we only played 45 minutes because they’re just lost in it. That’s the goal for our band. We’re at a level where we’ve never been. It’s f—ing explosive.”

re: band changes
“It’s always evolving and pushing our music into new places, new territories, new sounds and this is the new metamorphosis, a change for Papa Roach,” Shaddix said. “We got a new drummer. That was a change. We went in and sat down and said we wanted to make our rock record of the decade. How do we do this? We just had to make the boldest, strongest music that we possibly could. This is the record. This is it. This is who we are and what we are right now.”

What was the songwriting process like for “Metamorphosis”?

We went in and we went back to the [Hollywood mansion/recording studio the] Paramour and set up our equipment and just said, “All right. Let’s see what we got.” We went in and started jammin’, and then we started going into all Tobin’s riffs and the songs on [the computer program] Garage Band that he did on the road and pulling pieces and parts from that. Such a mass volume of music at once it was intimidating for me as a lyricist. I was like, “Holy s—. This is f—ing mountain sized and this is just getting started.” It was inspiring but it was also a daunting task. I had 16 songs in front of me, and they’re like, “All right. Cool. Where’s the lyrics?” I’m like, “All right. Let’s go.” I just f—ing went at it, went to town, broke down all the walls inside myself and just let it all out. I mean, no reserve.

Speaking of soundtracks, you’ve formed quite the alliance with the WWE.

They love that s—. They play the f—ing tar out of “… To Be Loved.” Every Monday night, that s— was banging. That song was so big on there that we did a tour in Europe with Iron Maiden and all the metalheads in Germany love the WWE. When we showed up, we started playing “… To Be Loved” and the crowd went f—ing crazy. I was like, “Holy s—. Iron Maiden fans are f—ing losing it to Papa Roach right now, singing this f—-ing song.” I didn’t know it was a hit over there, but it was crazy because WWE made it a hit. The metalheads were like, “Oh ya. It’s good Papa Roach.” That was a f—-in’ trip.

Check out the full interview here.

20 Feb

Perhaps to the album being leaked, U2 has decided to stream their new album “No Line On The Horizon” on their myspace. The leak is most likely due to Universal Music Australia accidentally making the album available digitally way before its street date. After being available for sale on the Universal-affiliated Getmusic.com.au, it was uploaded to a bunch of P2P servers and torrent sites all over the world. Anyways, go stream the new album now at http://www.myspace.com/u2

20 Feb

According to The Sun, Natalie Imbruglia and Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin have been secretly recording together. These tracks will most likely appear on Natalie’s upcoming album. Martin had some free time before his band started out on some Australia dates. One can only wonder if Natalie’s husband, Daniel Johns (lead singer of Silverchair), will contribute to any of the songs on her album.

20 Feb

As a fan of INXS (Michael Hutchence era), it was always hard to accept his “successors” but you really wanted to believe in JD Fortune, the winner of the reality show Rock Star: INXS. Unfortunately, after three years with the band and being dropped from their record label, singer JD Fortune has now ended up with a drug habit, poor and out of the band.

Fortune told Canda’s Entertainment Tonight (that’s like US Entertainment Tonight but 40 % less airtime) that he now lives in a car in Canada (his home country) after INXS left him at Hong Kong airport.

“I was in an airport at Hong Kong and literally got a handshake. They said, ‘Thank you very much’.”

“I found myself really alone because I had travelled with these guys for 23 months.”

“I don’t know where I am going, from sofa to sofa, from night to night. I am trying to get through my life.”

Fortune, (whose real name is a lot less interesting), believes that his cocaine problem might’ve let to his departure:

“It got as bad as it needed to be for me to numb out the fact that I knew this was going to come to a screeching halt.”

He was the second singer that INXS had after Michael Hutchence died in 1997 after a suicide attempt (or an auto-erotic exfixiation attempt gone wrong).

Jon Stevens followed Hutchence and sang for INXS for three years but never recorded. He was disgusted by the reality show Rock Star: INXS and even advised others to be careful:

One-time INXS singer Jon Stevens famously lashed out at the band for enlisting Fortune through the TV show, warning his successor that he would be “raped and pillaged”.

Stevens, who spent three years touring with INXS but never recorded with them, advised Fortune to make sure he had a good lawyer.

“(The show’s) main objective is money, money and greed,” he said in 2005.

20 Feb

What better way to follow up winning a couple of Brit Awards than getting drunk backstage at London’s Earls Court and getting into a fight? The Daily Mirror is reporting that Jared Followill’s girlfriend spotted the bassist talking to a girl in Alesha Dixon’s band. She became jealous and doused the girl in water and then all hell broke loose. A witness account:

“Jared’s girlfriend was not happy. She went ballistic and the next minute more than 20 people had all piled into the bust-up.”

“It was comical seeing little Nicole Appleton wading in to try and keep the peace. Alesha kept out of the way, but Mel Blatt thought it was hilarious.”

A Daily Mirror reporter said: “The lads had been tucking into the free booze and things got a bit lairy.

“They are known for having fiery relationships with their girlfriends and with each other. It wasn’t surprising there was a bit of a scrap.”

The band was already annoyed after finding out that they were supposed to be interviewed by Fearne Cotton for ITV.

They ditched it while yelling: “What the f***? We didn’t agree to do this! We’re not doing it! We’re off! F*** off!”

A tired Jared added: “What is it with London? All night I’ve had a non-stop stream of blondes coming up to me and I just want to go to bed.”

Those Kings of Leon sure know how to party.

20 Feb

NME is reporting that Marilyn Manson and ZZ Top have been added to the Download Festival lineup in Donington Park. The festival, which takes place June 12th-14th, has a bit of a harder/classic rock feel to it given the lineup. Check out the lineup below and you can get all ticket information here.

Def Leppard
Killswitch Engage
Limp Bizkit
Marilyn Manson
Motley Crue
The Prodigy
ZZ Top

20 Feb

Anyone who’s ever talked to Jesse Hughes knows how much of an illuminating character he is. Scott Mervis from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently sat down with Hughes, the lead singer/guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal and talked to him about EODM’s new album, “Heart On”, Guns N Roses’s new album, “Chinese Democracy”, and about EODM’s influences, Devo and The Rolling Stones. Check out a few questions below:

Do you think “Heart On” showed some growth over the first two?

That was exactly, deliberately, what we were trying to accomplish. Joshua and I both felt like we have grown and he is one of the finest producers in the world and I think now finally that I didn’t [stink] as badly on the first two records, I wasn’t limiting what he could do. Like I said, I saw my first full moon and the first two records was just to keep me from biting people. Now, I’m comfortable with all the hair. We were trying to make the best record possible and show we were not a fluke. Really, EoDM is about two best friends having the time of their lives and not being ashamed.

So, you made this record on the road?

Yeah, we made it everywhere. We spent one glorious month in Holland, even Amsterdam, doing it. It was bliss. Our touring schedules dictated this road schedule, so we took advantage of it. Jimmy Page is to both Josh and I an idol. There’s a lot of musicians running around, there’s very few wizards and Jimmy Page is a wizard to us. We got an opportunity to live out our best Led Zeppelin fantasy.

So, what did you think of “Chinese Democracy”?

If it were like a New World, Euro, light jazz, adult contemporary album, it would be pretty mediocre.

Now, you guys obviously grab from the Stones and New York Dolls. Are you cool with people saying that?

I wouldn’t say I grab from them. I would say I sadistically rape from them. The album is more like a savage raping with DEVO of the Rolling Stones.

Is the idea to try and keep that kind of thing going?

There’s nothing new under the sun. And I think you could look at it like, who owns the lyric, “Squeeze the lemon till the juice runs down my leg”? Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, or Jimmy Page? It’s more like a thing you possess and if you wield it properly, then you can pull the sword from the stone.

Check out the whole thing here.

20 Feb

Rise Against will be touring this summer with Rancid in what will be one of the biggest rock tours of the summer. The tour starts on June 4th in Vancouver and runs through July 31st. Riverboat Gamblers (June shows) and Billy Talent (July shows) will be opening the shows. Tickets go onsale on February 28th. We’ll be sure to have any presale/onsale password ticketing information that you need. Check out the dates below:

June 4th Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum

June 6th Edmonton, AB Rexall Place

June 7th Calgary, AB Calgary Corral

June 8th Saskatoon, SK Prarieland

June 11th Denver, CO Red Rocks Ampitheatre

June 12th Kansas City, MO Beaumont Club

June 13th St. Louis, MO Pops (Outdoors)

June 15th Cleveland, OH Time Warner Cable Amp

June 17th Montreal, QC Parc Jean Drapeau

June 18th Quebec City, QC Agora

June 19th Ottawa, ON Civic Centre

June 22nd Cincinnati, OH PNC Pavilion

June 24th Detroit, MI Fillmore

June 26th Minneapolis, MN Myth

July 6th Seattle, WA WaMu Theatre

July 8th Reno, NV Reno Events Center

July 10th San Diego, CA Cricket Wireless Amp

July 11th Los Angeles, CA The Forum

July 13th Las Vegas, NV The Joint

July 14th Phoenix, AZ Mesa Arts Center

July 16th Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom

July 17th Austin, TX Stubb’s

July 18th Houston, TX Verizon Wireless

July 20th Orlando, FL House of Blues

July 21st Orlando, FL House of Blues

July 23rd Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues

July 24th Baltimore, MD Ram’s Head

July 25th Philadelphia, PA Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing

July 28th Boston, MA House of Blues

July 29th Boston, MA House of Blues

July 30th Buffalo, NY Agri Center

July 31st Toronto, ON Molson Ampitheatre

20 Feb

Animal Collective, (whom I’m told you can ONLY listen to live while you’re high), stopped by the offices of BlackBook magazine lately and were given some back issues, hammer and nails, spray paint and instructed to redesign the place. Check out the really cool pics and story at Blackbook.

20 Feb

Anya Marina was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and played “Move You”. Check it out: