Face The Change Compilation Released

Emaline Media and Faceless International have released the compilation called “Face the Change, Volume One.” It features 21 tracks from today’s hottest signed and unsigned artists like Emery, The Malheruex, Anchor and Braille, The Jakes and more. Though you can download the compilation for free at www.facethechangecomp.com, donations are being accepted (I strongly encourage it as well) and all proceeds will go to Faceless International. Learn more at http://www.emaline.org/.

1. Emery – The Movie Song
2. The Malheruex – Flip the Switch
3. Dear and the Headlights – I’m Not Crying. You’re Not Crying, Are You?
4. Anchor and Braille – When We Die
5. The Jakes – Cough Syrup
6. We Shot the Moon – Sway Your Head
7. Lido Beach – The Open Air is Calling
8. Richard the Lion Hearted – Wont Search the City
9. Versa Emerge – The Authors
10. The Sequence – All In
11. Man without Wax – Kansas City Shuffle
12. Brave Citizens – All or Not
13. Peachcake – Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet Cafe Than Me
14. Tiefighter – Chewed Up and Spit Out
15. Four Year Strong – Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
16. Down for the Count – Make My Day
17 .My American Heart – There are More Frightening Things
18. Lorene Drive – Out Alive
19. The Dear Hunter – Smiling Swine
20. The Dandelion War – Wonders
21. Closure in Moscow – Dulcinea

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