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01 Apr

Madina Lake is back with a new album “Attics To Eden” on April 28th. “Attics To Eden”, the follow-up to the smash 2007 album “From Them, Through Us, to You”, was produced by hit producer David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Paramore) at his infamous House of Loud Studios in Elmwood Park, NJ. Check out what the band had to say about it:

    Bassist Matthew Leone describes the recording process “David broke us down — he was like a drill sergeant. I was totally frazzled by the end of the first day. We thought it would be easy, because we knew the songs were there. We just thought we’d come in, and record them. But when we played them for him that first time, he just ripped us apart. He completely deconstructed us, and it hurt bad. But the pain was well worth it.”

    Lead singer (and Matthew’s brother) Nathan said that “it was challenging making this record. But at the end of the day, we are super proud of how it came out. I think we blew the first album out of the water. I guess artists are artists, and in our experience, you bump into people who…let‘s just say some have a level of talent that qualify their attitude, and some don’t. Bendeth is clearly a guy who does.”

    “Our favorite records were ones that didn’t have one dull moment,” Matthew said. “We wanted to make a real record, a genre-less record and a timeless record. I think there are musicians like the White Stripes, where less is more — undoubtedly. Then there are bands like the Smashing Pumpkins or Nine Inch Nails, where they want all of these components attacking the ears from different angles, at all times. We’re the latter, the kind of band that wants as many components as possible.”

    “Attics To Eden” is the second part of the story of Madina Lake. “The first record was us exploring,” says Matthew. “With more life and experience under our belts, discovering who we are as individuals and as a group, we made the record that fits who we are now. Every artist and musician, it takes them a minute. We took that time, we toured, and now, we know who we are and that’s the record we made.”

    “We wanted to make three installments of this sort of grandiose statement we wanted to make,” Matthew said. “The first one was a statement about celebrity obsession, so this is part two of that, which just continues on the mystery.”

    “This one goes completely surreal…like universal,” Nathan added. “There’s elements of spiritual escape, and almost science fiction elements to it that we went with on this one, but at the end of the day, we’re sticking very closely to our main objective with the whole story, which is good vs. evil. We didn’t want to repeat anything we did on the first one; we didn’t even really want to touch on the same topics. But you have to put faith in the kids that support your band to see your vision out and develop with you.”