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We recently had a chance to interview Insane Clown Posse and it was really entertaining and revealing. Read on below and see what they had to say about the 10th annual Gathering of the Juggalos (and how legendary wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka almost brawled with former wrestler Scott Hall) , how living in Detroit influenced their music, the long delayed release of Big Money Rustas and the return to their earlier sound on the upcoming new album BANG! POW! BOOM! (due out September 1st). Check it all out below:

(Interview conducted by Kevin Kenny)
The Audio Perv: You guys just held the Gathering of the Juggalos about 2 weeks ago. How did that go?

Insane Clown Posse: It’s almost hard to believe but it was our biggest and most successful Gathering ever. This was the 10th Annual so I’m guessing a lot of people came back to celebrate 10 years of Gatherings plus thousands of new first timers. It was just flat out fuckin’ amazing. It was an all out super spectacular time that blew everybody’s mind that attended, no question about it. It looked like a stormy ocean of people from that stage. The madness went on as far back as you could see. Picture hurricane sized mosh pits underneath huge fireworks blasting in the midnight sky, with flashing carnival rides in the far off distance. Absolutely unbelievable. It was the actual, very real Dark Carnival, right there happening for everybody to witness.

The Audio Perv: There were over 100 bands performing over the course of a couple of days there. Were there any bands that you guys thought the crowd would dig that they just couldn’t get into?

Insane Clown Posse: You know it happens every year. Somebody gets pelted off stage. But this year it just didn’t happen like that. I mean, shit flies at the stage for everybody no matter who you are, but you have to understand Juggalos. They’re just having a good time. Some artists trip out and start complaining about people throwing shit or whatever, and that’s the biggest mistake you can make. This year, however, everybody that played just nailed it and there were no casualties. Some of our personal all out favorites have gotten it bad in the past though. Sometimes it breaks my heart.

The Audio Perv: Any interesting stories from the Gathering that you would like to share?

Insane Clown Posse: Meeting Ice Cube was probably my personal highlight from this year. But one interesting thing we did was have some bizarre wrestling shows called Midnight Massacre Flashlight Wrestling, which started at five in the morning. The only lights on the ring were the flashlights that the fans brought. This created an awesome looking effect and feeling. The show starting so late also added a crazy element to the matches because most of the wrestlers were pretty much wasted by then. We brought in some pretty big, legendary names too. After a match between Jimmy “Superfly” Snucka and Kamala, a real fight almost broke out between Scott “Razor” Hall and Jimmy “Superfly” Snucka. That was hella exiting watching them two square off and talk shit for about ten minutes. No blows were thrown, but it made for some interesting entertainment for big time wrestling fans who got to see some very rare, out of character, unusual action.

The Audio Perv: You guys are originally from Detroit, do you think being from Detroit influenced you guys in the kind of music you make?

Insane Clown Posse: Absolutely. No question about it. When we started rapping the big names in Detroit were Kid Rock and Esham The Unholy. One who drove a tractor in his videos and rapped about farm life, and the other who came out on stage wearing a 666 T shirt and popped out of a coffin! This was just some of the local scene. It’s all about the showmanship in Detroit. Becoming the Wicked Clowns fit right into the natural Motown mold of things to us. Even before that you had characters like Alice Cooper and Kiss who were more successful in Detroit than they were in their own home towns. Detroit has always been about shock rock and showmanship with music. Even if we didn’t really notice it back then, we can look and see that now.

The Audio Perv: As your career has gone on it seems you guys have injected a lot more rock into your albums as well as experimenting in different genres. Was this a creative decision you guys made consciously or did it just kind of happen?

Insane Clown Posse: We just started doing more of what moved the crowd. But I think our music has always had a rock edge to it. I think we’ve always been considered to rock to be a rap group, and too rap to be a rock band. That’s why we carved out our own nitch in music. We call our style “Juggalo music”. Who wants to fit in with everybody else anyway? I think our sound is really more pop than anything. Pop can be anything: rock, rap, funk, whatever. We don’t sound like commercial pop, though, obviously. But I’ve always felt like ICP can go anywhere with our music and get away with it, from super slow emotional songs to happy funny funky shit. Just like pop does, as long as we don’t sing any pop ass neden hole lyrics

The Audio Perv: Do you have any rock influences?

Insane Clown Posse: We have crazy amounts of rock influences. Pearl Jam is probably my favorite band of all time. We’re huge fans of the grunge music period: Nirvana, Alice N Chains, and also stuff like Rage, Korn, and even Puddle of Mudd. I wouldn’t call them all influences like as if we want to sound like them, but we definitely love their music. I also love the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Prince and Michael Jackson, too. ICP is truly influenced by all good music. Once again, going back to that POP element… I think our core recipe is made up of elements of all good music of every kind and time period. But our main, secret ingredient is our own special sauce called “Juggalo”.

The Audio Perv: A long time ago there was a sleeper hit of a movie called Big Money Hustlas. Now there was a seuel/prequel you guys were talking about making but it never came to be. Has anything come of the idea?

Insane Clown Posse: Oh man, I’ve spent years hating this question and now I fuckin’ love it! Yes it has finally come to be! It’s DONE!! The movie is called Big Money Rustas! We filmed it in the mountains of California during the spring of this year. We just showed the movie trailer for the very first time on the big screen at the Gathering. It seemed to go over really well. It’s a very funny, very nice looking western. There are a lot of famous faces making small cameos throughout the movie as well. It took us almost ten years to finally get this bitch done. We knew if we were going to pull this off on our own, with no major label help like we had with the first one, we wanted to do it right, and not have it come out cheap looking or anything half assed. Were extremely proud of the results, and it finally comes out early next year. We’re going on a theatre tour with it, bringing the cast and showing it in big theatres across the country before releasing it on DVD world wide. We basically play the ancestors of the same characters from the first film. However, we wanted this movie to also stand on its own; in other words, you don’t have to have seen the first movie to love this movie. It stands on its own wonderfully, and if you’re a fan of the first movie then it just makes this one all the better. There’s some really great funny stuff as there should be, as we’ve been kickin around the ideas and brain storming this movie for ten fuckin’ years!

The Audio Perv: You guys have moved on from the Jokers Cards and have released two albums since The Tempest and now your 11th studio album Bang! Pow! Boom! How would you describe the sound of the new album? Does this new record take you guys into any uncharted territories?

Insane Clown Posse: Every new album is uncharted territory for us because it’s full of all new song topics and stories. Thankfully, we haven’t run out of ideas yet. But, sound and style wise on Bang! Pow! Boom!, rather than keep experimenting, we instead take it back to that original wicked clown sound from our earlier days. That was our goal when we started this project, and were very happy with how it all turned out. We did the album with our long time producer, Mike E. Clark, who did our earliest albums like Riddle Box, The Great Milenko and The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. We did the whole thing with him from scratch using our old studio tricks and tactics. We even dusted off some of the old equipment. It’s exiting to do that when it really works out. I believe this album really takes you back to where it all began for us, without ever repeating ourselves. As I said before, it’s all brand new topics, new adventures and subjects, but it has that classic Dark Carnival tone that Juggalos love and miss. This is the first time we’ve ever set out to recapture that essence, and it was fuckin’ awesome doing it. It was like stepping back in time bringin’ out those old drum sounds, and the old records we used to snatch shit from. We truly had a blast in the studio. We spent hours and hours laughing, and nothing feels better than to laugh your ass off , and that’s just what we did. HAHAHAHHHAAAA!

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