A thought on Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer” Video

So where we are finally checking out Pearl Jam’s video for “The Fixer” and we’re laughing. Having gone to several PJ shows, we can tell you that we’ve never seen a Pearl Jam crowd react the way that the audience in the video is flipping out. In fact, we’re pretty sure that we haven’t seen Pearl Jam enjoy playing a $how that much in a while either. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below and try to refrain from laughing. They’re trying hard.. and every Pearl Jam concert is exactly like the video.

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  1. Yeah couldn’t find the humor in it either.. I CANNOT wait to hear that song live… Going to 3 of the 4 Philly shows some i think my chances are pretty good.

    This guy must be a Creed fan.. Its all good.

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