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Calypso is a product of Generation X, the doom generation, the MTV generation. The generation that grew up not knowing where they fit it in, and not caring about it either. You could pigeonhole the sound and the look, the smell and the taste and, you’d be wrong each time, because it doesn’t really exist. What exists is the feeling you you got at 17, hearing your best friend’s band cover a Minor Threat song, or the time you and your friends drove three hours to some warehouse in some dirty little town just to watch your favorite band play to a crowd of 15 people. Do you remember the day you found out that Kurt Cobain was dead? Of course you do, because it mattered. Music matters. In every basement across america there are great bands turning their amps to “ten”, because only at “ten” can you feel the music the way it’s meant to be felt. Some of these bands have become the bands you’ve grown to love, and some of these bands have stayed in the basements, living vicariously through fanzines and posters on the wall. Either way, it doesn’t matter because they are putting their life into songs that represent who they are. Calypso is a four piece band from Brooklyn, New York , fronted by brothers, Sonny and Michael Kilfoyle. They’ve just released a four song EP with the Orchard, entitled Teen Age.

The sound is loud, aggressive and full of life. Is it punk music, rock music, surf music, or grunge? Who cares. It’s Tony Alva popping out of the dogbowl for the first time with a frontside air, It’s the feeling you get when you said “fuck you” to someone for the first time and knew what it meant. It’s an extension of what it feels like to live in a beautiful and disgusting city like New York in 2009. It’s real, and that’s the bottom line. This is a club, and anyone’s welcome to join. it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’re from. If you feel it, you’re part of it.

Check out the track “Casually Sad Mercedes” below and go to for more on the band.


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