Chevelle/Halestorm/Burn Halo Starland Ballroom 9/18 Photos/Videos

This past Friday, we had the pleasure of attending the Chevelle show at the Starland Ballrom in Sayreville, NJ. We have to first start off by saying, we do not dislike Halestorm but we were annoyed that Burn Halo opened the show and not Halestorm. Burn Halo rocked the place for about a half hour. Unfortunately for Burn Halo, the crowd was a complete bore and still walking in and trying to get their $5 bud lights. Regardless, they were great and we’re looking forward to them coming back around the area real soon.

Most female fronted bands don’t get much respect and Halestorm is no different. Our appreciation for the band was hurt by the short, feisty, pushy lesbians who kept trying to work their way to the front. The Audio Perv got into an argument with one of these said lesbians but let it go. It was great to see Halestorm write an original song that sounds like rip off Janis Joplin and try to cover it by segueing into “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Baby.” Anyways, we kind of wish the $3 shot special lasted for all of Halestorm’s set instead of just before it.

Finally, Chevelle came on and a huge pit developed. The band was tremendous despite Pete seeming like he was a little out of it or sick. You can read reviews over at Chevelle Online. The band played most of their singles like “The Red,” “Send The Pain Below,” “Jars,” “Well Enough Alone,” a new song acoustic in the encore and closed with “I Get It.” We just wish that we had heard “Dos.” Anyways, check out our photos below and some cool videos from blainewad (who also took some awesome photos Thank you!)

Click to enlarge pics, videos below the pics

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  1. Oh yeah, you like that band burn halo who writes original songs that sound just like buckcherry. Whatever. Halestorm rocked hard and Chevelle ruled! Better keep your day job dude. A music critic you’ll never be.

  2. I never denied the similarities in Burn Halo’s music with other bands. I’d be very interested in reading your music critic reviews in the New York Times or wherever they may be. Send them over, buddy!

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