Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs goes gold, new Desperate Measures: CD/DVD out 10/27


A&M/Octone recording group Hollywood Undead will give their fans something brand new to talk about on October 27th, when they release a two-disc CD/DVD consisting of 6 new studio recordings, 6 live recordings and a full 60 minute live performance on DVD. The new package dubbed Desperate Measures : CD/DVD is an eclectic mix of new studio recordings produced by Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails) and live recordings of fan favorites. In its 60th week on the Billboard 200 album chart, the debut album Swan Songs remains inside the Top 200, with total sales of more than 500,000 and average sales of 5-6,000 per week – testament to the band’s explosive headline performances and online marketing.

The new CD + DVD package includes three cover songs “Shout At The Devil” originally performed by Motley Crue, “Bad Town” originally performed by Operation Ivy and “Immigrant Song” originally performed by Led Zeppelin. The album will also include a remix version of “Everywhere I Go” the third single from the album. In addition, special exclusive live versions of “No. 5,” “Undead,” and other fan favorites will be included on both the CD and DVD configurations.

Hollywood Undead have concocted an explosive cocktail of hip hop, rock and metal, forging an alternative style that’s primed to blow the scene up. They craft incisive, sharp and sarcastic raps that slash the jugular of mainstream pop culture. They aren’t your standard rap or rock crew. They’re something new, dangerous, funny and alive. Deuce busts out the melodies. Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog and Charlie Scene lead the lyrical charge, while Funny Man drops rhymes, and Da Kurlzz hypes the fray. Donning individual masks, Hollywood Undead possess a dark aesthetic that’s connected to their hometown’s depravity. Tracks like “No. 5” dissect the frivolities of Hollywood with witty, catchy choruses. Album opener “Undead,” sets the tone, firing off a big melody and buoyant beats. Meanwhile, “Los Angeles” examines the town’s gritty edge. Rising to prominence via MySpace, these six masked hooligans stood at number one on the site’s music chart, leading to endless friend requests and plays. However, Hollywood Undead has got the gusto to be earth shattering far beyond cyberspace. They’re already knocking at your door, and they’re about to break it down.

Check out the album teaser video here (Windows Media), here (QuickTime), or here (YouTube).
Desperate Measures Disc One (CD) track list:
1. Dove and Grenade
2. Tear It Up
3. Shout At The Devil (originally performed by Motley Crue)
4. Immigrant Song (originally performed by Led Zeppelin)
5. Bad Town (originally performed by Operation Ivy)
6. EL Urgencia
7. Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholder Mix)
8. Undead (Live)
9. Sell Your Soul (Live)
10. California (Live)
11. Black Dahlia (Live)
12. Everywhere I Go (Live)
13. No. 5 (Live)

Desperate Measures Disc Two (DVD):
Hollywood Undead Live (60+ Minutes)
@ The Sunshine Theater, ALbuquerque, NM &
@ THe Marquee Theater, Tempe, AZ

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