Them Crooked Vultures Roseland Ballroom NYC 10/15 (Review/Photos/Videos)

Them Crooked Vultures played a sold out (well, tickets kept getting released everyday, so can we really call it sold out?) show at the Roseland Ballroom (they don’t put on enough shows here) in New York City last night (10/15). The audience was filled with fans of each of the main trio’s bands (sorry tour guitarist Alain Johannes!) who were completely plastered at least an hour before Them Crooked Vultures took the stage. For about an hour and a half, TCV ripped through a set of songs that you only knew from YouTube and bootlegs like this one. The band opened with energetic shredders like “Elephants” and “Dead End Friends”. Most of the crowd was quite surprised at the most often under-appreciated guitar skills of frontman Josh Homme (who also fronts Queens Of The Stone Age and plays drums for Eagles of Death Metal). For quite of a few of us, it was also our first time witnessing legendary Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones who not only shook Roseland with his at times thunderous bass lines but also played electric piano and a keytar (Who does he think he is, Lights? haha) on “Interlude w/Ludes.” Perhaps the most enjoyable image of the night was seeing drummer Dave Grohl tear apart on his drums. You sometimes forget that the lead singer of the Foo Fighters used to play drums. When Homme announced perhaps the most recognized song “Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I,” the crowd erupted. “You know this one?,” he replied (Video of the song below). Though a few songs seemed to drag a bit and played to the progressive rock fetishes of Homme and drummer Dave Grohl (and annoyed several of the hipsters in the crowd), the band truly put on an amazingly unique rock show that left everyone’s ears ringing. Check out the photos below and some videos (most are from maestro416, many thanks).

Setlist (incomplete and out of order, feel free to comment the correct one)
Dead End Friends
Scumbag Blues
New Fang
Mind Eraser (Straight No Chaser)
Interlude w/Ludes
Nobody Loves You and Neither Do I

(click on pics to enlarge, videos below)

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