The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now?” 1/18 Letterman Video


The Heavy performed “How You Like Me Now?” on the Late Show with David Letterman on 1/18. Check it out below:

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  1. Outstanding. Way To Go. Awesome. Grooy man. Cool. Sick.

    I think that covers all ages.

    Makes me want to play a Ricky bass.

    The front man is easily as good at winding up an audience as Mick J.

    In fact, this is very Stonesy… the Blues Bros v2.0

  2. I was curious about this song from the (Kia?) commercial so I googled it. These guys are fucking great!

  3. This is a band that D.L says “Play it again ” U Have to recognize Talent. The Heavy is ” HEAVY “

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