Slipknot’s “Snuff” From Behind The Camera


As Slipknot’s 4th single from their #1 album All Hope is Gone sonically demonstrates a departure from the Iowa contingent’s staple heaviosity, showcasing a more emotional side with a profound message, it couldn’t be a better moment for M. Shawn Crahan – the percussionist better known as Clown, but the director better known by his given name – to take his filmography to the next level as well. Turning Corey Taylor’s conflicted verse “Snuff” into a heart rendering and head-scratching short film, Crahan describes the work as “a love story… It’s not transvestite stuff or Hollywood hookers, this is just a completely detached love story.” Click here to find out more about Crahan’s cinematic vision, personal attachment to the song, and what went into the making of the film.

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