Muse “Under Review” Coming to DVD March 23, 2010


Sexy Intellectual and MVD Visual are proud to announce the DVD release of Muse “Under Review” on March 23, 2010.

This film looks at Muse’s entire career, and by using rare performance and interview footage of the band, contributions from their closest colleagues and from those who have witnessed and written about their journey, plus seldom seen photos, news reports, scene shoots and a range of other features, creates the finest documentary to date on this extraordinary band, the music they make and the lives they lead.

Includes exclusive interviews with former manager Safta Jaffrey, legendary producer John Leckie, band engineer Ric Peet, video director Mat Kirby, official biographer and NME writer Mark Beaumont and many other close confidantes.

What turns a good band into a great one is usually just the right mix of downright dedication, damned hard work and a special kind of talent which allows for the creation of music that will touch multiple generations.

This is certainly the ingredient list which Muse have employed while creating a sound and image that has captured a fan-base larger than that of just about anyone else around at the moment.

Pre-order it here or on Amazon.

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  1. i haven’t watched it yet, but it looks great. honestly, anything to do with Muse is AMAZING. :D Glad i found this

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