SXSW Spotlight: BECCA New Album Out Now! (WIN IT HERE!) Playing Manic Fest Destiny Party At SXSW!


Becca may look like your classic 20 year old dealing with the same hopes, dreams and aspirations of most people her age but what is not typical is Becca has the gift to express, through contagious rock melodies and intuitive lyrics, the everyday struggle of her generation and her message and voice are heard loud and clear on her debut full length CD ALIVE!! (if you wanna win it, keep reading!) out now on SonyMusic Independent Network. Check out the video below for her new song “I’m Alive!”

Download ” Kickin’ & Screamin’here (right click, save as)

Hailing from Portland, OR, Becca has already made a mark on the international music charts by playing pure and simple rock & roll. With over 800,000 plays on Myspace and over 600,000 views on YouTube, Becca is bringing her original brand of music to the masses, loud and stripped-down, yet filled with intense pop-rock hooks. On ALIVE!!, she shows maturity far beyond her years with songs like “I’m Alive!,” her vow to live life to the fullest in the wake of the premature death of a friend, and “Turn Up the Stereo,” a cautionary tale to her peers about the dead-end offered by non-stop partying. With songs examining personal relationships such as “Turn to Stone,” “Lose You Now” and “Perfect Me,” Becca is able to perfectly round out her debut.



Becca At SXSW…

March 17th @ The Bellmont 12:05 AM (early Thursday morning) MANIC FEST DESTINY PARTY

March 18th @ SIN SXSW Party at Atones’s 2:20PM

March 20th @ Rusty Spur 8:00 PM

For more information on Becca, check out

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