Alice In Chains 3/9 Terminal 5 NYC Review/Photos

Playing a second consecutive sold out show at Terminal 5 in New York City, Alice In Chains ran through a nineteen song set, five of which were off of the band’s new album Black Gives Way To Blue. (Unfortunately, two songs written on the set list “Black Gives Way To Blue” and “Junkhead” were left off most likely because of curfew rules.) The crowd ran the gamut from Chains fans from the height of their popularity, to young college age kids. What makes Alice In Chains such an epic band to see live is their precision in maintaining their sound from their previous albums. When you hear the band live, you feel like you’re listening to Jar of Flies or the band’s self titled album on your stereo. Maybe it’s because the rhythm section of Sean Kinney (drums) and Mike Inez (bass) is as solid as ever. They make playing music seem effortless rocking out even while they smoke when playing classics like “No Excuses” or “Down In A Hole.” Guitarist Jerry Cantrell is the same virtuoso he was in the mid 90s, maybe even better. Cantrell makes new AIC songs like “Check Your Brain” and “Your Decision” sound like they could’ve made the band’s album Dirt. Frontman William Duvall is the ringleader on this tour and no one disobeys nor strays from course. It was only three years ago that Alice In Chains frontman William Duvall was known as “the new guy.” Duvall had a difficult journey in succeeding the former lead singer of the band, the late Layne Staley. Alice In Chains fans didn’t want someone ruining the band’s music or a twisted clone of Staley. Three years and a new album of recorded music later, no one’s disappointed in Duvall, who’s no longer “the new guy”; he’s the lead singer of Alice In Chains.

1. All Secrets Known
2. It Ain’t Like That
3. Again
4. Check My Brain
5. Them Bones
6. Dam That River
7. Rain When I Die
8. Your Decision
9. Got Me Wrong
10. We Die Young
11. A Looking In View
12. Down In A Hole
13. Sickman
14. Sludge Factory
15. Acid Bubble
16. No Excuses
17. Would?

Black Gives Way To Blue (not played)
Junkhead (not played)
18. Man In The Box
19. Rooster

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