AIR Terminal 5 NYC 3/19 Review/Photos

(Review/Photos by Stephanie Kibbe of Some Kind Of Awesome)

Just before they hit the stage, I heard a few people around me say that they had been waiting for 10 years to see AIR live. As an “AIR virgin” myself, I wasn’t really sure how an hour plus of such ethereal sounds were going to have an effect on the crowd, but everyone was absolutely into it. AIR sent all in attendance of their sold out show at Terminal 5 here in New York City into a state of total and complete state of serenity last Friday night. Opening with “Do The Joy”, the crowd was quickly blanketed in the soothing sounds from their latest album, Love 2. There appeared to be not a single amateur fan in the building – the kind of shows I live for. A new song would begin and everyone would cheer at the selection and then proceed to slowly dance and sway with the music.

During their performance I found myself fascinated with Jean-Benoît Dunckel‘s set up. After almost every song, a tech would come out with a flashlight attached to his head a la coal miner style (sans helmet) and tweak his synthesizers. The care and attention to detail that went into the production that night was very apparent and the audience was much appreciative of that. The band made sure to play as many of the crowd favorites as they possibly could from each of their albums. Everyone (myself included) was especially happy to hear “Venus”, “People In The City”, “Cherry Blossom Girl”, “How Does It Make You Feel”, “Kelly Watch The Stars” and the ever popular “Sexy Boy”, from their 1998 classic Moon Safari during their encore.

Ending the blissful evening on “La Femme D’Argent”, I found myself wanting to hug every single person on the way out.

Do The Joy
So Light Is Her Footfall
J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau
Missing The Light Of The Day
Tropical Disease
People In The City
Don’t Be Light
Cherry Blossom Girl
Be A Bee
How Does It Make You Feel
Alpha Beta Gaga
Kelly Watch The Stars
Heaven’s Light
Sexy Boy
La Femme D’Argent

(Click to enlarge) All photos by Stephanie Kibbe

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