WJRR Earthday Birthday 17 Set Times, Monster Energy Autograph Signing With Korn, Halestorm and more!


Set times have been announced for tomorrow’s WJRR Earthday Birthday 17 concert at Tinker Field in Orlando, Florida. You can still pick up some last minute tickets here“>here. In addition, Monster Energy will be hosting a special autograph signing for Jonathan Davis of Korn, Halestorm, Sevendust, Chevelle, and 2Cents at the Monster Energy Signing Area. Those times are listed below the set times. Check ’em out

Set Times
Main stage in BOLD, Bud Light Second Stage (non-BOLD)


SUPER VILLAINS – 11:30-11:50
SOIL – 12:20-12:45
Getten Deep – 12:45-1:15
HALESTORM – 1:15-1:40
Soulswitch – 1:40-2:10
TRIVIUM – 2:10-2:35
Hydrosonic – 2:35-3:00
Hail The Villain – 3:45-4:14
HELLYEAH – 4:15-5:00
American Bang – 5:00-5:30
CHEVELLE – 5:30-6:15
Stained Angel – 6:15-6:45
SEVENDUST – 6:45-7:30
2 Cents – 7:30-8:00
PAPA ROACH – 8:00-9:00
KORN – 9:30-10:45

*times subject to change without notice

Monster Energy Artists Autograph Signing Schedule is as Follows*:

· Halestorm – 2:30pm to 2:50pm

· Sevendust – 3:00pm to 3:20pm

· Chevelle – 3:45pm to 4:05pm

· 2Cents – 4:15pm to 4:35pm

· Jonathan Davis (Korn) – 4:45pm to 5:05pm

*times subject to change without notice


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  1. Best show Eva! Met korn after show! Got my jon autograph tattoo after! What a great nite. Korn roxs.

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