Runner Runner Stop Motion “So Obvious” Video

Huntington Beach natives Runner Runner have created a trippy stop motion video to the tune of their single, “So Obvious.” Check out the video HERE to see how you can help the guys out and even get a free song! Tell Ryan, Peter, Nick, Jon & James what you think about their music and to find out more about them, head to their MySpace, Facebook or Twitter.

Runner Runner is preparing to release their debut album sometime later this summer. They are currently on tour with Amber Pacific before joining up with Cartel, so be sure to catch them in your city!


24 Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT*
25 Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO*
26 The Blue Goat, Salina, KS*
29 Luna Bar & Grill, Lake Charles, LA*
30 The Parish @ House of Blues, New Orleans, LA*
31 The Hangar, Wichita Falls, TX**

2 Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO**
3 Chubby Rain – House of Tunes, Poplar Grove, IL**
6 Wasted Space @ Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV*
8 Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA*
9 Ramona Mainstage, Ramona, CA*
11 The Vault, Temecula, CA*

* with Amber Pacific
** with Cartel

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  1. Runner Runner is seriously one of the best bands ever! They’re soo much to hang out with at shows, I can’t wait to see them again this August with The White Tie Affair and Secondhand Serenade :)

    Don’t forget to download free Runner Runner music at: :)

  2. These guys amaze me soooo much. I’m bummed they aren’t playing at Chain anymore but I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for that happening considering they would never let down their fans.
    By the way, you can download the song in the stop motion video for free at :D

  3. whaaadup! Leme hear some loOoveee! as a big fan myself I wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on another awesome band Runner Runner! If you haven’t heard about them, check them OUT! I promise you wont be disappointed! I love them all the people and on this board love them!

    Follow the Link below and check out the free download! yes thats right… FREE! there’s nothing like SOCAl! <—- Click it I dare you to RUNNER RUNNER!

  4. RunnerRunner is such an amazing band. They got so much power in their music, their songs. They compose songs with all their hearts and souls. And that’s why I love RR!! I hope I can see them live someday.. :))

    And click this right NOW..

  5. I love RUNNER RUNNER! They’re so awesome, I mean they put me on guest-list to their show in PORTLAND, OREGON. Runner Runner has such great music that gets me hook to them..
    Speaking of RUNNER RUNNER being awesome, they played an acoustic set at my school, I was SUPER excited about the acoustic set.

    If you haven’t already, go download “SO OBVIOUS” and fall in love with RUNNER RUNNER’s music.
    tell ALL your friends to go download it!

  6. These guys are amazing! They put on a great live show and are honestly dedicated to their music. With this new album coming out they are going to be HUGE!!! And hey..why not check out their new single now for FREE:

  7. Runner Runner is absolutely FANTASTIC! They have incredible music that you can’t help but shake it to, and they are some of the NICEST guys you’ll ever meet :)

    Definitely take a listen and download their hit “So Obvious” by visiting

    Spread the word!!!

  8. Runner Runner is an awesome band i love them soo much!! Their music is freazing amazing!! They love their fans sooo much that they that they let you download their song for free in

  9. RunnerRunner.. what can I say about them? they’re a band not only full of hot guys, but hot music too. What more could I ask for? What more could YOU ask for? Their hit single, “So Obvious” can be downloaded for free at So look at the link.. HELP RUNNER RUNNER. You’ll help yourself to some great music too! Help them get their album out and you might just be hearing more from this Huntington Beach band. :)

  10. Gah!!! I love these boys, they never fail to amaze me. Ever since the boys came together and formed Runner Runner nothing but creativity and true talent has been showed. For example the stop motion video, or “So Obvious” (which you should watch and download at If you haven’t seen or heard of these guys yet you need to! I promise you’ll love them or your money back guarenteed lol kidding of course but seriously check them out!!!!


  11. I love Runner Runner they are one amazing band. They have so many songs I love that its so hard to pick a favorite!
    But if you wanna here a good song definitely take a listen and download their hit “So Obvious” by visiting for FREE!! :D

  12. runner runner is an amazing band :D
    all of there songs are awesome and they are all amazingly talented
    they’re songs are always something that you can look forward to and they always cheer me up :)
    you can download one of their best songs at

  13. Runner Runner is amazing! I can’t stop listening to their songs!

    Check out for a free download of their single “So Obvious”!

  14. Runner Runner is the up and coming band right now. “So Obvious” is extremely catchy and addictive. These guys are here to stay! And the stop motion video is just fantastic.

    Download the song for free at !!

  15. Runner Runner is an amazing new band that everyone should go and check out! They are also touring later in the summer (starting in July) with The White Tie Affair and Secondhand Serenade. They also reply to almost all of their fans post on facebook :)

    Get a Free download of their music

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