Hank & Cupcakes 6/1 Mercury Lounge NYC Review

By Britnee Foreman

Hank & Cupcakes is a sweet treat.

When I walked in mid set of Hank & Cupcakes at the Mercury Lounge, I thought it would take me a while to get into the music and vibe. That was indeed not the case. Within thirty seconds of walking in I was moving right along with the rest of the crowd. Hank & Cupcakes is cheekily fun band with charisma that projects of the stage. The Brooklyn based drum and bass duo is high energy and takes everyone along for the ride.

The dancey rhythms permeate the crowd and turn the show into a party with an amazing playlist. Hank was playing bass on stage left emitting the funky buzz that complimented the beats pounded out by Cupcakes on stage right. The music was so overwhelmingly provocative, that even Cupcakes stood up on her drum kit and started dancing. The music has a sexy, cheeky charm that makes you want to dance, makes you want to party, makes you want to grope and make-out with strangers (not that anyone is advocating that).

The band certainly is talented. The minimalist duo creates a sound much bigger than the pair of them. And might I add, playing an instrument and doing vocals at the same time is challenging for any performer, let alone the drums. But to dance behind the kit on top of that and do all three flawlessly is just an amazing sight to see. I think I just found my new role model. She didn’t even bother with a drum stool, because she was dancing the entire show in her swingy little black dress. It added festiveness to the benefit concert for Beyond Race Magazine.

Both Hank and Cupcakes are strong musicians and have the energy to sustain a live show. It is definitely a fun show to watch and I would encourage anyone to see this band play live, multiple times. You will leave satisfied and feeling like you just had a workout, which is sexy in and of itself.


(photo credit: Alan Lugo)

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