New Hank & Cupcakes “She’s Lost Control” Video (Joy Division cover)

Hank and Cupcakes, Brooklyn’s buzz worthy drum and bass duo, rock out on their new self-titled EP with four rhythmically dense tracks and one video that showcase their innovative sound. When Hank & Cupcakes take the stage, their infectious energy dominates the room, generating a fierce groove that immediately has the crowd up and moving. First time fans may find themselves scrutinizing the stage, looking in vain for the guitar player that seems to be filling out the band’s sound, but it’s just Hank & Cupcakes. Since arriving in Brooklyn from Israel a little more than a year ago, Hank and Cupcakes have captivated New York with an explosive show noted for its simmering sexuality, irresistible dance pulse, and hard to pigeonhole sound. “If I had to define it, I’d call the music experimental minimalist pop,” Hank says. “We’re trying to make pop music without having a pop sound.” Taking the best from all worlds, Hank & Cupcakes have managed to create a new hybrid of music. Tours de force cross between The Ting Tings and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, rock without guitars, pop without synthesizers.

Hearing a woman sing “She’s Lost Control” makes the song sound more hopeless and self implied than the original. Hank and Cupcakes use quotes from the Joy Division arrangement, then Hank’s bass spins off in its own direction, while Cupcakes’ vocals loop and overlap creating a dark whirlpool that slowly dissolves into a desperate, breathless climax.

“The remarkable duo gustily riled up the crowd at Greenwich Villages’ Le Poisson Rouge last Wednesday night for their new EP release..Debuting their performance with their song ‘Pleasure Town’, the pop and minimalist experimental couple instantly filled the venue with infinite glory” —ZINK MAGAZINE

“Hank & Cupcakes manage to create fun, vibrant music that makes just about everyone want to dance…” —THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY

“The distinctive edgy sound and overall attitude of this minimalist but successful duo is reminiscent of New York City’s energy and restlessness combined with bits of soulfulness and youthful spirit” —THE DELI MAGAZINE

“Brooklyn two-piece Hank & Cupcakes have been building considerable buzz based upon their stage presence and high energy live show. Their set, in which they played pretty much every track off their 7-song EP, was nonstop energy with barely a minute to catch your breath” —BEYOND RACE MAGAZINE

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