Warped Tour: Anarbor 7/17 Uniondale NY

By Britnee Foreman

Phoenix band, Anarbor, was one of the first bands to open Warped 2010 in Uniondale and immediately a crowd gravitated towards them. I had not previously heard any of their songs but at 11:15 am there isn’t much going on, so I gave them a listen. BEST DECISION OF THE DAY. The band made of Slade Echeverria, Mike Kitlas, Adam Juwig, and Greg Garrity is amazing to watch. The sound and the riffs they pound out are entrancing. You can tell that vocalist Echeverria may be a little hoarse when he projects, but at least he’s singing (others may have been lip-synching, but that’s another review). They have good energy and stage presence which was good to get the crowd going early in the day and they were into it. There was an abundance of 4:20 jokes (the release date of their album, scout’s honor) and their transitions between the songs were witty and got the crowd excited. Even in retrospect, as I’m listening to their songs I’m still pretty floored by their talent. If you’re going to Warped, seriously go see them.

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