Warped Tour: Mayday Parade 7/17 Uniondale NY

By Britnee Foreman
The Mayday Parade set was insanity. First there were people crowding the stage as soon as the previous set was finished (sorry Dinner and a Suit). Not only that, but people were climbing into trees and on top of port-a-potties for a view. Let me repeat that: port-a-potties, on top. Perhaps they should have been playing a stage bigger than the Ernie Ball Stage because there was not enough room. So much so that when a kid started a mosh pit, people chewed him out because there literally was not room, and no one wanted to mosh with him. He looked like he was having a violent seizure.

The band came out in parade fashion to the Imperial March from Star Wars. That got the crowd excited. Two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, and a singer/keyboardist comprise the Florida quintet who have mastered the pop rock sound. They just released their major label debut album on Atlantic Records but have two previous albums (one is an EP). The bass lines are heavy and the drums are piercing matched with the guitar riffs and keyboards it is a great sound.

The audience kept pushing forward during the set to get in as close as possible. And when the set was done they were calling for an encore. Something leads me to believe that they don’t know how festivals work.

But it was a good time had by all, except maybe the people on top of the port-a-potties.

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