Warped Tour: Motion City Soundtrack 7/17 Uniondale NY

By Britnee Foreman

I love going to shows (duh, it’s why I have this sweet gig). There is awesome music, fun shenanigans, and a communal feeling in the audience that we’re all in this together, experiencing the epic epicness in front us. These have been some of the best shows I’ve ever been to. And yet, that was not my experience at the Motion City Soundtrack set.

Now disclaimer time, I really dig Motion City Soundtrack. I usually have a track or two on my ipod and will occasionally quote lyrics on my blog, facebook, etc., what have you. So I was pretty psyched to see them live. Got there early like the nerd I am so I could be close to the front and see everything. They were behind schedule and the set was at noon, on a ridiculously hot day at an outdoor venue. Needless to say unconscious kids were being escorted to the medic tent before the set even started. People were passing the eff out. Umm, problem.

When they finally do come out, the crowd essentially bum rushes the barricade to get closer. I get it, you’re excited, but calm down. Everyone is singing along it is generally a good time had by all. They are singing songs from all their albums (3), the crowd is going wild, absolutely out of control. Then the crowd surfing starts.

Now, crowd surfing and moshing is fun, but this was neither. Even this being thrown across the crowd derivative could be fun too, IF THERE WAS SOMEONE TO CATCH YOU. People were being thrown into holes in the crowd. I apparently was supposed to catch someone with the back of my head. I have never feared for peoples’ lives at a concert before that set. It was such a blatant disregard for the well being of others. Usually when we go to concerts the camaraderie of being there together (and the fact that it is an actual person you’ve got in your hands) keeps people from being jerks about the crowd surfing. People get up safely, people get down safely. The irony of the whole thing is Justin Pierre (frontman) is plugging some kind of program linked on their site to good for others, just to do good. Um, you mean like not dropping your fellow concert attendee on the concrete? Yeah, MCS: Fail.

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