Lollapalooza with Facebook Launch “Friend Finder” iPhone App

In continuing the season for music festivals, Lollapalooza takes place this weekend in Chicago (Aug 6-8) and is sure to draw music and festival lovers from far and wide with this year’s artist lineup: Lady Gaga, Soundgarden, Green Day, Phoenix and the list goes on.

This year, the Lollapalooza team is using Facebook to solve one of the hardest problems people face at music festivals – finding your friends. As people are drawn to different parts of the festival and often get separated, cell phone service gets hindered as thousands of people in close proximity try to call their friends.

In an effort to combat disconnection with friends at the show the team has done a few things:

Updated their iPhone application to have “Friend Finder” – Users can login via Facebook to select friends, see messages from all of their selected friends in one place with the “Friend Wall” and arrange a meeting point using the phone’s GPS – users can plant a digital “flag” on the Lolla festival Map which messages their location to friends at the event.

Last year almost 90% of Lollapalooza fans said they used Facebook during the festival. So it made sense for the festival team to leverage Facebook as the mechanism for people to connect with each other in the updated app.

Additionally, Grant Park, the location of the festival will also have 100 acres of free WiFi access for fans. (The WiFi infrastructure is generously sponsored by AOL Lifestream)

For Android users there will also be an app for the festival that has many of the same features as the iPhone app.

For more information and screenshots of the app, check out

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