Bruno Mars 8/25 Bowery Ballroom Review

By Sophia Hepheastou

Decked out in a Royal Blue blazer, a sharp white button down and a slick black tie, Bruno Mars took to the sold out Bowery Ballroom Stage on 8/25 with heartthrob screams overpowering the venue. Perfectly coiffed and filled with energy Mars was unstoppable; it was like watching a modern day Elvis or young Michael Jackson.

Just like a charmer Mars was well versed with an arsenal of tricks that he playfully incorporated to make girls scream—there were hip thrusts, smirks, shy smiles, heartfelt lyrics, and sweet talking—a sign of a true professional. Mars showcased syrupy vocals with falsetto high notes that had the whole crowd signing word for word. Philip Lawrence— Bruno’s production assistant was an integral part of the show, narrating the whole performance while still raising the band’s energy and surprising fans with some sick dance moves on stage.

Mars played a couple of new songs which were well received by listeners. Marry You featured a jumpy 50s doo-wop beat, jazzy guitar parts, a tambourine and conveniently placed OoooOOooos, that had everyone in the crowd dancing. It helped that the chorus pushed girls into a frenzy, all screaming “marry me Bruno.” I wonder if that was the purpose. His other new song—Grenade—hit more of a gut-wrenching note, with heartwarming lyrics that described the distrust that often manifests within relationships. The chorus struck home with lines like “I’d catch a grenade for ya/ throw my hand on a blade for ya/ jump in front of a train for ya/ I’d do anything for ya. I would go through all this pain/Take a bullet straight through my brain but you won’t do the same.” It was refreshing to see Bruno’s serious side come out while simultaneously showing fans his music ingénue as he masterfully played various slinky guitar riffs. By the end of the song the whole crowd was singing devoutly—it’s incredible that Bruno still hasn’t released his album, all this love with just a mixtape.

His radio hits were well received, but also surprising as he threw some curveballs, creating some fantastic remixes. The show felt more like an improv set—with funny dialogues, suave dance moves, intimate jokes, cover songs and laughs. Bruno started to play Billionaire but also remixed in Nothin On You, and modulated the track’s beats to compensate for Travis McCoy’s m.i.a. vocals, creating something magical—a remix that was like a rollercoaster of emotions. Fans all chimed in for the chorus as Bruno’s angelic voice filled the space. Hopefully these remixes find their way onto the album as a B-side or special Mixtape **Hint** Atlantic**Hint**

With a smile that spanned his entire face, Bruno started to slow things down to end the performance. He saved the best for last—his latest single Just The Way You Are. With fans all signing the words to the wedding-esque love ballad it was obvious that the track’s uplifting lyrics and tempo were a perfect way to end the night. As the track ended fans were able to see just how thankful Bruno Mars really is—thanking everyone for coming, introducing his band mates, and acknowledging the Atlantic team for help making his dream come true. Bruno Mars’ performance, his personality, and his charisma make him a true star; one that will definitely keep shining and breathing new life to the music

1. The Other Side
2. Top Of The World
3. Marry You (New Song)
4. Money (That’s What I Want) (Barrett Strong cover)
5. Billionaire
6. Somewhere In Brooklyn
7. Grenade (New Song)
8. All About You
9. Count On Me
10. Nothin’ On You
11. Just the Way You Are
12. Encore:
13. Dirty Diana (Michael Jackson cover)

(thanks to the uploaders of these videos)

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