Young the Giant 9/2 Webster Hall Review

The Jakes Grow into Giants by Britnee Foreman

The Newport Beach based quintet played Webster Hall last Thursday as the opening act for Marina and the Diamonds. That’s not a bad feat for a band that is about to release their debut album in October. The music of Young The Giant itself is hard to define other than to say that it is good. The sound is as eclectic as the band.

The band was having it own dance party on stage as the audience swayed back and forth, which is about as much as downtown New Yorkers are going to move at a show. Sameer Gadhia, the lead singer, has a strong crystal clear voice that conveys passion and fun. The drummer, Francois Comtois, keeps the tempo upbeat and dancey. Their collection of songs seem to be very fun. Durin the song “I Got” there were parts where Gadhia and Comtois sang in unison making the sound bigger and more epic. The band is filled out with its two guitarists and bassist: Eric Cannata, Jacob Tilley, and Payam Doostzadeh.

The band kept performing great songs while staying engaged with the crowd. This is a band that makes it look effortless; however, they have had time to hone their skills while they toured under the moniker “The Jakes”. Young the Giant make it look easy to be that good, which is usually the mark of a great band. This is a band that is essentially out of the gate and sound like veterans already. I would highly encourage anyone to go see them. They only have a few more dates while they are on tour with Marina and the Diamonds, but I’m sure that they will start headlining their own tour soon after the release of their album in October. So get the album when it comes out and learn the words it will make it that much more fun when you go to see them.

• Apartment
• I Got
• Cough Syrup
• Guns Out
• 12 Fingers
• Garands at Normandie
• Street Walker
• Strings
• My Body

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