Codename: Rondo, the highly-anticipated fourth CD from Austin, Texas based twosome Ghostland Observatory was released today, October 26th, on Trashy Moped Recordings/Sony Red Distribution. Ghostland Observatory is not a band but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls. They have been described as everything from “Freddie Mercury helms Daft Punk” to what you would get if “Rage Against The Machine mated with the Spice Girls.” One could say they are indescribably good. Essentially melding the distinct personalities of its two members – Thomas Ross Turner and Aaron Behrens – Ghostland Observatory continues to produce a style of music that exists first and foremost in their collective consciousnesses – Emile Durkheim would understand. It was recorded with what Turner calls a more linear approach, using fewer sounds while making each one count. The result is equal parts psychedelia, minimal electronic, rock, funk and soul. Indescribably good.

Listen to the single Miracles here

Stream the entire album here

Ghostland Observatory have played major festivals including Lollapalooza, Bonaroo, Coachella and the Austin City Limits music festival, where they headlined. The duo’s legendarily electrifying live shows have captivated audiences across the country. Ghostland is known for over-the-top live shows with zillions of lasers, outlandish dancing and amazing stage power for just two people. In fact Spin Magazine has praised the two for being “a handful both on and off stage, rousing feet and bodies to their electro grooves.”

They are currently on a national U.S. tour in support of Codename: Rondo, the latest album in their collection of genre-bending music. The national tour takes them across the U.S. and to the end of the year, giving their ever-growing league of fans ample opportunity toJazzercise. Ian Traas of Minneapolis City Pages said this in regards to theband’s live show, “For a band with only two members, GLO cranks out a formidable amount of energy, both in terms of Thomas Ross Turner’s throbbingsynth lines and Aaron Behrens’ spastic, shaking showmanship. On paper, the fusion of electro, glam, soul, and garage rock seems comically overstuffed,the product of ADD dilettantes who can’t settle down and focus — but,hearing it (particularly in a live setting), you start to realize that the duo has zeroed in on the libidinous electricity running through each of those genres, distilling it down into something that doesn’t have a name,but sounds as sticky, raw, and hot as sex itself.”

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