Drew Seeley Announces Debut Release, The Resolution

Drew Seeley embodies the truest meaning of the phrase ‘jack of all trades’. From playing a lead in a new television series (TBS’ Glory Daze), starring in feature films (Another Cinderella Story, The Shortcut), receiving an Emmy nomination for writing & singing on a 6x Platinum soundtrack (High School Musical) to singing in sold-out 50,000 seat stadiums (High School Musical: The Concert) it seems only natural that he would eventually branch off on his own to follow his bliss and The Resolution is just that. Set to hit in February 2011 via INgrooves, Drew will precede The Resolution with 3 EP’s, the first of which, Act 1, is set to hit November 9th. Each EP will offer up a set of songs from the full length release, details on Act 2 and Act 3 to follow.

The Resolution, produced and co-written with Justin Gray (Joss Stone, Esthero) takes listeners on an explosive and exciting musical journey, ripping through the highs and lows of the heart. From the speaker-shaking opener “Talk Back”, to the hopeful closing plea, “2nd Impression”, the album’s 13 tracks unfold as a story of moments of clarity and confusion, the ups and downs of love won and lost and enough conflict to sink any battleship while on the road to discovering the resolution. While Drew may be known for his smooth signature tone, he deftly pushes outside of that comfort zone on the raspy rock offerings “Goin’ Under” and “Shoulda”, both highlighted by raw ethereal guitars punctuating the anguish and urgency of the tracks. On epic ballads, “Why Can’t You Say That You’re Mine” and “Acceptance Speech” Drew is backed by a 32-piece orchestra taking those soaring vocals and melodies to unbelievable heights. A veritable melee of genres that find a wholly imperfect peace on this 13 song set.

Act 1 is a perfect introduction to Drew and to The Resolution. The 4 songs that make up the EP establish a storyline that laces its way through the full length and offers up just a taste of what’s to come both musically and thematically.

Act 1 Tracklist:
Talk Back
Into The Fire
Love Down Low
Why Can’t You Say You’re Mine

Drew Seeley – Into The Fire by INgroovesmarketing

Drew will head off on a nationwide tour in the New Year when his TBS comedy, Glory Daze goes on hiatus. Stay tuned to www.drewseeley.com for more information on the EP’s, LP and tour plans!

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