Florence and the Machine 11/1 Terminal 5 NYC Review

Florence May Very Well Be A Machine (of Perfection) by Britnee Foreman

Have you ever been so excited to go to a show you can’t eat all day? (oh, no? yeah, me neither. Who…who does that?) Okay allow me to nerd out a bit. I have been waiting to see this particular show for about a year. It is part of the reason I got this gig in the first place. On Monday I got to see Florence and the Machine at Terminal 5. It is one of the biggest venues I have been to in NYC and it was packed wall to wall with an assortment of fans. Old hippies to young twilighters crowded into the venue to see the flame haired goddess dance and skip in an almost nymph like fashion and, well, sing.

The seemingly soft spoken Florence Welch has one of the biggest voices set to music. It’s powerful, strong, encompassing and resonates through ones entire body. Her lyrics are often dark and sometimes macabre but always set to beautiful melodies.

Florence was preceded to her stage by her five person band including piano, guitar, bass, drums, and harp. I love how a harp is integral to her over all sound. Out comes Florence in an ethereal white dress with….a cape. If you’ve seen her music videos it might seem like she has a special affinity for capes. But that’s ok, because it seems like she is quickly becoming indie music’s superwoman. The fact that I got a ticket at all was a miracle, because she sold out both of her New York shows, months ago. I spent the entirety of “Howl” just trying to find a spot in the three story venue to even be able to see her. During some of the songs she had an auxiliary drum next to her up front, and used the drum stick as a magic wand/conductor’s wand to lead the audience to sing with her.

Besides her huge stage presence, she has ridiculous energy. Jumping and running all over the stage for the entire set. She didn’t slow down once. You definitely get what you pay for when you go to a Florence + the Machine show and so much more. It is enchanting and entrancing and you can’t help but want more when it is over. She has a few more shows left stateside before she returns home to the UK, so if you have the fortune of being able to go see her, you definitely should. It is one of the concerts that you will remember your whole entire life.

• Howl
• Drumming Song
• My Boy Builds Coffins
• Girl with One Eye
• Cosmic Love
• Blinding
• I’m Not Calling You a Liar
• Between Two Lungs
• You’ve Got The Love
• Strangeness and Charm
• Rabbit Heart
• Kiss with a Fist
• Dog Days Are Over

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