AWOLNATION 11/17 El Rey Theatre Review

By Jerko

AWOLNATION falls into a weird genre for me. It’s the kind of dance-rock that I enjoy listening to in my home or in my car, but does little for me when played live. After listening to their debut EP “Back From Earth” numerous times I was excited to see them open up for Fitz and the Tantrums at the El Rey in Los Angeles this past Wednesday. I met up with my normal gang of concert fiends, and all of them had see AWOLNATION previously. They had positive things to say so I was intrigued to say the least.

The resulting performance was mediocre. It may have been an off night but frontman Aaron Bruno’s voice sounded a bit ragged. He seemed very distracted, and didn’t give the performance his all. While there were people around me that seemed to enjoy the performance, I was underwhelmed. The bouncy energy that is so prevalent in the EP, did not transfer over to their live performance. The rest of the band however was extremely solid. New guitarist Chris Thorn in particular caught my eye and held onto my attention far more than the rest of the band. Seemingly lost in his own world it was fun to watch him do his thing, oblivious to the rest of the band.

Having said this, I do enjoy the EP quite a bit and am willing to chalk this up to an off night. I will definitely give them a second chance when they come around again.

Photos by Jerko

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