My Chemical Romance 11/30 iHeartRadio PC Richard & Son Theater

By Ian C.

Last week, My Chemical Romance played a special album release show in Los Angeles for the newly released Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. It’d be a travesty if they were to skip their “hometown” area of New York City (the band’s originally from New Jersey). Lucky for us, some industry people and a large group of contest winners, the band would play us a private mini show sponsored by iHeartRadio at the PC Richard & Son Theater on Tuesday night. Opening with the album’s first single “Na Na Na”, My Chemical Romance led a ruckus, barrier breaking young crowd through an hour of non stop cheers and screams. Surrounded by a group of teenage girls smelling of bubble gum shampoo and hair gel, we managed to survive the next hour. We didn’t come into the show the biggest My Chemical Romance fans but we left loving everything that we heard. Frontman Gerard Way stage dove almost right on top of us twice, the second time (during the band’s second major single “Helena”) nearly knocking us down. Out of all the new songs, our favorite might be the 80’s new wave sounding “Planetary Go!” and the stadium anthem like “The Kids From Yesterday.” Check out the setlist below as well as some photos below. You can watch some video from the show here and some professionally shot photos here (credit: Jeremy Harris)

1. Na Na Na

2. I’m Not Okay

3. Desolation Row (Bob Dylan cover)

4. Planetary Go!

5. Sing

6. Helena

7. House of Wolves

8. Teenagers

9. The Kids From Yesterday

10. The Black Parade

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