Watch Only Son’s “It’s a Boy” Video

Only Son has unveiled the official video for “It’s a Boy” from his forthcoming album Searchlight, out January 18.

The song itself is as beautiful as it is eerie and deliberate, beginning with the lyrics:

Let’s start with the baby’s gender
Do you know what you both want?
Well, we’ve discussed it and we’re pretty sure we’d like to have a boy…

The video, starring the illustrious Aleksa Palladino (of Boardwalk Empire) and directed by the always incredible Peter Sand (who’s worked with the likes of Michel Gondry and Daft Punk on various projects) is a chilling visual interpretation of the song. Check it out for yourself:


Jack Dishel of Only Son spoke to The Huffington Post about the video:

“I’ve always been interested in the way that technology and human beings relate to one another. It seems that those roads are definitely converging and its only a matter of time before it makes its way into our bodies permanently.

I tried to imagine what life would or could be like if people were able to design their children piece by piece, adding or deleting attributes as they pleased. Since the world is so divided economically I thought that would definitely play a role in what happened–sort of like a DNA arms race. The abuse of power could actually make its way into us.

This is gonna be the party jam of the winter!!! And for the record, I’ve never seen Gattaca but now I want to…”!/onlysonmusic

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