Ghostland Observatory 12/17 Terminal 5 NYC Review

By Stephanie Kibbe

You listen to a band’s music, you hear great things about their live performance, you even check out photos online of these past performances that everyone is raving about, but really, you never have a 100% idea of what you’re getting yourself into the first time you check out a band live. This was the case for me and my first encounter with Ghostland Observatory at Terminal 5. I had really enjoyed what I heard on their latest release, Codename: Rondo, heard they were spectacular live, but really had no idea about what to expect after that.

I dreaded having to trek up to Terminal 5 (as I have mentioned previously how much that venue gets on my nerves), but told myself that at least I’d be graced with Mux Mool’s presence in addition to Ghostland’s, so it wouldn’t be ALL that bad.

It wasn’t that bad at all. It was actually a pretty amazing time had by all.

I’m not entirely sure why Mux Mool was first up for the night, because the energy in his performance got the crowed all riled up. People were dancing along and overall just going nuts. Things died down a bit during DJ Jack’s set, but once Ghostland took the stage things took a dramatic change for the best.

I will now try to put into words what seeing Ghostland Observatory is like. If you take both the zealousness and looks of Andrew WK and Russell Brand and made a love child from the two, frontman Aaron Behrens would be their rocktastic bouncing baby boy. In addition to his overall ability to command the audience to dance till they drop, the visuals for this show were out of control. So many lasers. Dare I say Terminal 5 is the only space in NYC that can possibly handle that kind of spectacle. It was as if someone broke into my electronica dreams. It took everything I felt about their music to the next level. I was having a blast. I didn’t want the night to end.

It was around that time that Behrens said, “I’m gonna tell you this because I care about all of you: this is your last chance to dance.” The crowd must have listened closely to his carefully chosen words because they responded accordingly and went wild during the last song.

This was one of the best shows I attended in 2010. If you see that Ghostland Observatory is coming to your part of the universe, you drop everything and you go and dance your face off, you hear me?

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