The Third Man Rolling Record Store To Hit SXSW

The one-of-a-kind mobile record shop, potential live venue, DJ/merch booth and more that is THE THIRD MAN ROLLING RECORD STOREâ„¢ will begin a roving celebration of the Third Man label’s two year anniversary by rolling into Austin TX and setting up shop in various locations throughout the March 16-20 music portion of SXSW.

Since opening doors in Nashville two years back, Third Man Records has had an enormously productive run, releasing over 80 records in a mind-boggling array of limited editions and vinyl innovations, hosting an incredible live venue where bands can record direct to analog tape, launching The Vault subscription service, opening a succession of pop-up shops.

And now for their latest and greatest feat, the good folks of Nashville will be bringing the Third Man experience to the people in the form of THE THIRD MAN ROLLING RECORD STOREâ„¢. A brief glimpse of the store at can give viewers an idea of how much blood, sweat, and tears went into this machine. THE THIRD MAN ROLLING RECORD STOREâ„¢ is a one-of-a-kind, true innovation in the world of record distribution and retail and the TMR staff can’t wait to get it out on the road. Some of the truck’s features include:

    – A full menu of Third Man merchandise including 45s, LPs, just like the label’s record shop in Nashville, and all new (and exclusive to the truck) Rolling Record Storeâ„¢ collectibles and souvenirs including t-shirts, tote bags, drinking accessories and all kinds of flare
    – two turntables and a microphone, the store will be playing from vinyl records from the TMR catalog as people shop, with guest DJs doing special sets
    – a high quality PA and amplification system with 8 channel mixer and electric outlets so singers and even full bands can plug straight into the truck from the outside and play wherever and whenever the truck parks.
    – Fully customized styling designed by Jack White in conjunction with an auto custom shop to reflect the look, feel, and panache of Third Man Records’ Nashville location and its famous pop up stores.

Following its debut at SXSW (details, locations etc. to be announced shortly), THE THIRD MAN ROLLING RECORD STOREâ„¢ will be out on the road regularly, hitting shows and festivals and more. For its SXSW run, those who track the store down can expect musical performances, guest DJs, exclusive records and merchandise (including 4 different tri-colors), giveaways and plenty of surprises.

Be vigilant, SXSW attendees. You don’t want to let THE THIRD MAN ROLLING RECORD STOREâ„¢ pass you by…

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