Noah and The Whale New “Give It All Back” Live Video, Release Last Night On Earth

It’s an exciting week for fans of Noah and The Whale, as it marks the US release of the band’s third album, Last Night On Earth via Mercury Records. The album has been receiving rave reviews and it’s just the start!

Lead singer, Charlie Fink, set to work on the album in January of 2010, holed up in a synagogue in East London. Beginning with a few melodic fragments, a sketch for a 10-minute song that resembled Lou Reed’s classic “Street Hustle,” and a set of lyrics that were begun on a train from Wales to London, something special eventually came into focus, something markedly different from the songs the band had written before.

Fink also notes that the lyrics of the album were heavily influenced by poetry. Last year, he read the work of Frank O’Hara for the first time, falling in love with the poem Having A Coke With You. Speaking of new song “Just Me Before We Met,” Fink notes “I Wanted [that song] to have a feel of that, or a tempo. Just the notion of it. Having A Coke With You is I think a very romantic poem, and that’s the only outwardly romantic song on the album, and so I wanted it to have the same approach.”

Speaking on the song “Give It All Back,” Charlie told, “It’s more about the infatuation you share with your friends for the bands and music you love. Music you feel so passionate about that you’re prepared to humiliate yourself in front of everyone you know.” Click the links below to watch Noah and The Whale’s live studio version of album track “Give It All Back”.

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