The band that keeps you salivating all throughout the day, Cheeseburger, has announced the release of their sophomore album Another Big Night Down the Drain. The Brooklyn based party rock band’s new album will be released on their new label Williams Street Records (Adult Swim) on May 3rd on CD and digital. Original band members Joe Bradley (vocals), Luke Crotty (Drums) and Christy Karacas (Guitar) are now joined by Jayson Green (vocals), Christian Gordy (Bass) and Eric Dufresne (Guitar) on the release, and the result is a bigger sound, but the same riff heavy garage punk vibe that fans have come to expect. If Christy Karacas’s name seems familiar, it might be because you also know him as the co-creator (along with Stephen Warbrick of Beavis and Butthead, Daria fame) of the Adult Swim show Superjail!. The new season of Superjail! will feature a bunch of new music from Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger’s self-titled 2006 debut was released to worldwide acclaim even earning praise from the editors of Pitchfork: “Rather than copy some Motley Crue Cliché and wind up sounding like Jet or Louis XIV, Cheeseburger toy with rock archetypes the way a big cat teases its prey.”

Ok enough talk, check out a few songs below as well as the band’s video for “Winner” below the tracklisting for Another Big Night Down the Drain

1. Party Song
2. Winner
3. Big Night
4. Tight Jeans
5. Jellybean
6. Bobby’s Theme
7. Deep In The Cups
8. Gina
9. Suzy
10. Roll Like That
11. Good Time Charlie

Latest tracks by cheeseburgernyc

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