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30 May

Oscar nominated, boundary pushing director Morgan Spurlock’s POM Wonderful Presents : Greatest Movie Ever Sold looks with humorous insight into the world of into the world of product placement and marketing.

The documentary takes audiences behind the scenes with a very candid look at the marketing processes and pitch meetings, which ultimately decide our day to day entertainment consumption. The basis of this film is that the brands involved agree to place Spurlock and the film at the center of their brand and advertising campaigns with the stipulation that Spurlock holds complete control of the film.

Providing the soundtrack to this insightful and humorous documentary are a wide array of artists, including two originals tracks recorded specifically for the soundtrack, a spoken word piece from director Morgan Spurlock and a track entitled “The Greatest Song I Ever Heard” by band who isn’t shy about their associations with brands and product placement, OK Go.

“We were thrilled when Morgan asked us to write a song for TGMES,” says Ok Go’s Damian Kulash. “The film is ingenious. It wraps the audience into its central conflict, and that conflict is the riddle that every creative person spends his life solving over and over again: how to get art funded without sacrificing its soul. OK Go works our asses off to thread that same needle, so it was a true honor to be included in the film. It was also the first time we’d ever written a song specifically for a film scene, and I’m really proud of what we came up with. It feels like us, but it also feels like the movie.”

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Soundtrack from the Original Motion Picture) is available on all digital services via Artists’ Addiction Records.


CameraBuggin’ – (Big Boi vs. Matt & Kim)
The Greatest Song I Ever Heard – OK Go
I’ll never Love Again – Taio Cruz
Run On – Moby
Cameras – Matt & Kim
Sacramento – Oxygen
Greatest Spurlock Spoken Word (You Ever Heard) – Spurlock and His People
Brand Search – Jonathan Spurney
Cha Cha Cha – Eric V. Hachikian
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 : In Hall of the Mountain King

30 May

Emmy The Great was born Emma-Lee Moss in Hong Kong, China. Moving to London at age 12 with her family, she later released her debut album First Love in February 2009. The album was received with critical acclaim, with The New York Times ranking it as #7 of their “Best Albums of the Year.”

Two years after her celebrated debut, Emmy The Great is set to release her second album Virtue on August 16th. Written and recorded under very different circumstances than her first, Virtue began as a series of stories Emmy embarked on after her engagement to an atheist took on a very different shape when he left her for the church. Sneaking off to hide away in the country, Emmy lost herself in books about saints, archetypes and folk tales, where she could create a world that made sense. Using symbols borrowed from fairy tales and mythology, it was this collection that she fitted to her music – a genre she refers to as digital medieval. She’d noticed that women only make it through the woods in big myths if they keep their virtue and she felt lost in the woods twice while writing the album. But she didn’t want the album to be about her self-reflection- she wanted it to be about everything else: the world outside. It had to save her from what had happened.

Produced by Gareth Jones (These New Puritans, Depeche Mode and Grizzly Bear), Virtue was made in London and Sussex. Euan Hinshelwood, her long-term musical collaborator, and Emmy took the reins, rather than develop the songs with their full band in the studio. Euan came up with the guitar palette – strange, ambient, twisted and atmospheric, while Emmy wrote backing vocals for different characters she voiced herself. She wanted a cast for the album: The ghosts of the Cocteau Twins and Suzanne Vega, as well as the stories of Margaret Atwood & Angela Carter, and the writing of cultural theorists like Marina Warner.

Featuring the first single, “Iris,” Virtue’s 10 tracks weave a delicate web of stories and emotions that complement and counter each other. “Dinosaur Sex” begins the album, tackling the omnipotent subject of apocalyptic occurrences, “To an extent I think there is always a young person terrified about the end of the world, whenever and wherever humans have got to,” she says. Other standout tracks include “Creation,” where Emmy confesses the reason behind the song, “All creation stories give me shivers, like trying to imagine Space. I think Genesis is beautiful. I think we should sing evolution to kids,” and “Trellick Tower” which beams with imagery of memories and independence.

Emmy broke onto the scene in 2007 performing as the vocalist for the indie folk group Lightspeed Champion (performing alongside Florence of Florence and the Machine), and has also written for The Stool Pigeon, Artrocker and Drowned in Sound.

Watch the video for “Iris” here – http://vimeo.com/24107156

Emmy The Great ‘Iris’ from Derek Andrade on Vimeo.

30 May

Toadies have just confirmed that The Black Angels have been added to the line up for the 4th annual Dia De Los Toadies, adding to an already stellar line up consisting of: The Sword, UME, Quiet Company, King Bucks, and Tornahdo. Dubbed “Willie’s Picnic for a New Generation” by the Austin Chronicle, this years’ Dia will return for the second year in a row to Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, TX on August 26th & 27th. The festival started off in 2008 at Possum Kingdom Lake and has been growing with attendance reaching over 5,000 each year.

Check out this exclusive video, below from Blurt-Online.com of Toadies doing a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Something Great’ from last years festival. The track was also part of the exclusive 7″ the band did for Record Store Day 2011.


30 May

Jane’s Addiction have a new video out for “End To The Lies”.

Check it out:

29 May

The Trews and Kid Rock at the John Labatt Centre in London, ON
May 28th, 2011
By Cookie C.

I had mentally prepared myself for a night of tight jeans, cowboy boots, hoochie mamas and draft beer, knowing I was walking into a Kid Rock concert. I may have found more than my fair share of those but the best part was the REAL rock and roll I got to experience before the American Badass even hit the stage.

If you’re from Canada, you may recognize The Trews’ newest single, ‘Hope and Ruin’ from the opening montage of our favourite televised pastime, Hockey Night in Canada. Let’s see… Canada’s favourite sport… being introduced by one of Canada’s best REAL rock bands… throw some beer in there and you’ve got most of Canada standing at attention.

The Trews, supporting Kid Rock tonight, did a little rocking of the John Labatt Centre themselves. It was amazing. Pure and simple. No flashy fireworks, no special effects, just honest to goodness rock and roll. These guys do one thing and they do it well. They make songs that everyone remembers. Whether it’s their melodic ballads or their full out party rock songs, these guys know how to write hits.

They pulled no punches as they ran through their lengthy list of hit singles. Starting the night off with ‘I Can’t Stop Laughing’ then moving on through a number of other hits ‘Fleeting Trust’ to ‘So She’s Leaving’ to ‘Tired of Waiting’ to ‘Paranoid Freak’.. And I honestly can’t say I have purchased any of their records up to this point but there were hardly any songs I couldn’t sing along to. Making me realize that maybe I should support these guys and grab a few albums, they’re amazing.

The moment they played the first few chords of ‘Poor Old Broken Hearted Me,’ everyone was up out of their seats and singing along. They ripped through a few more hits and finished off their set with ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ beers raised, feedback streaming out of their amps and a gracious thanks to the crowd. A real rock and roll send off… and no, ‘We’re Not Ready to Go’.

From the opposite end of the Rock spectrum, Kid Rock followed the Trews tonight. Before he hit the stage, out of nowhere came the track ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ from Journey. With half of the audience already singing along, a giant screen was revealed playing a slideshow of Kid Rock’s discography starting a waaaay back in the early 90s. They showed some great high school photos, album covers, played a few samples of a few of his earlier hit singles, and photos of him with his friends, family and other celebrities.

Then BAN! Balls of fire… bottles of Jim Beam… police lights… and lasers?

Yes. There were even lasers.

From ‘American Badass’ to ‘You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me’ to ‘Picture’, he sped through his hits and had fans singing and dancing along non-stop.

Then the controversial ladies Kid Rock had the JLC audition as dancers hit the stage. Not sure what the fuss was all about; a few women in short shorts and cowboy boots dancing around a pole. They were so far at the back of the stage that had you not been looking for them, you may not have even seen them. But there they were, dancing to only one song, ‘Cowboy’, undoubtedly one of his biggest hits. And then they were gone until the end of the evening.

He scaled through several more songs and finished his set with a video of Beavis and Butthead introducing his last number, ‘Bawitdaba’. You know it’s true, he is right in calling himself ‘Cocky’ but I have to admit, he puts on one hell of a show.

I left the venue last night with a smile on my face. I hit the merch booth before leaving and spent a few bucks that were well worth it. I got what I came for, a night of real Rock and Roll. Thank you.

The Trews


29 May

My Chemical Romance is wrapping up the last leg of the North American tour tonight in Las Vegas. Last night, they played the tail end of back to back sold out shows at the Hollywood Palladium. Our photographer Marcello Ambriz was there last night to get some crazy awesome shots of Gerard Way and the boys. Check them out below and head over to www.mychemicalromance.com to see the band’s recently announced summer tour dates with Blink 182.

29 May

By Laura McWhorter

Getting dressed for this concert was a nightmare. The show was The Maine and Augustana and the lineup was a bit mismatched. Each band caters to a different crowd and while both are fantastic in their own right it was an odd pairing for sure. Augustana touring with The Maine is like having Justin Bieber open up for Toby Keith. Do I wear my purple hightops or do I wear my cowboy hat? Okay. Maybe not THAT drastic but you get the idea.

My fictional wardrobe aside, either way there was some good music to be had. Whether you were there for The Maine or for Augustana you were in for a good time – and a family friendly one at that since the show wrapped before 9:30.

While I usually find it hard to be rowdy before 8:00 p.m., The Maine and their upbeat sound stepped up to the challenge and got everyone on their feet within the first few notes of a new track named ‘Good Love’. The girls were in a perpetual state of swoon as the Arizona boys played through their lovey-dovey catalogue of pop-punk hits like ‘Right Girl’, ‘Listen to Your Heart’ and ‘Into Your Arms’. They played three new songs but the most promising of the lot was a raw, gritty, slower track called ‘Sink or Swim’ or ‘Ice Cave’ or something – the internets were not specific and neither was singer, John O’ Callaghan. The band closed with ‘Girls Do What They Want’ and ‘Growing Up’ (which is appropriate since their half of the audience were driven there by their parents).

After a stage change that would make a NASCAR pit crew jealous, Augustana came out. When I made my move up to Boston, there was one song that was repeated across all six mix CDs my friends made me for the drive. I’ll give you ONE guess what it was. That’s right. Those opening piano notes are some of my favorite sounds in music and judging by the insanity that ensued last night…I’m not alone. They opened with the New England favorite to get the crowd going and kept it up for the rest of the set. You’d think that hearing ‘Boston’ in Boston would be hard to top but these guys are good at what they do and the juxtaposition of their mature, practiced sound against The Maine was enough to make people stop and take notice.

While their setlist spanned the band’s history, it mostly focused on newer tracks from ‘Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt’ and ‘Augustana’. Newest single, ‘Steal Your Heart’ and crowd favorite ‘Sweet and Low’ came next. Dan Layus’s voice is something to behold. You can listen to their albums all you want but you’re never going to really feel it until you see this live. He sings like he’s an evangelist preacher and we’re his congregation. Put this show on mute and you’d think you were watching a revival. The harmonica on ‘Stars and Boulevards’ and ‘Hurricane’ added another layer of grit to the tunes (as if they needed it) and speaking of grit…if you’re only familiar with their singles, check out ‘Dust’. I’d never heard this track before and I was floored. It’s a much darker song and not something I was expecting. If forced to narrow down the highlights of the set I’d have to pick ‘Fire’ and ‘I Still Ain’t Over You’. They mixed up ‘Still Ain’t…’ a bit and it was much more folksy and real than the album version. It was down right gorgeous and I’ve actually been listening to a YouTube link of the live version all morning as I write this.

I would have loved a bit more interaction from them. For the most part it was just them playing through the set – quickly (they were on the bus before 9:15). Layus acknowledged this bit during the encore saying, “Hello! I know this is a weird point to be introducing ourselves but we’re Augustana…’ Like I said, they played well and definitely gave the fans their all but contrary to their smash hit, it just seemed like they would’ve rather been anywhere but…well…Boston.

29 May

Yeasayer is on a sold out club tour across the nation. They played back to back nights this week at the Music Box at Henry Fonda Theater on Monday and Tuesday night. Our photographer Marcello Ambriz was at the show on Tuesday and got some cool shots of the band. Check them out below:

28 May

By Laura McWhorter

If you’re ever in Boston and you see a girl walking down the street drumming erratically to her ipod…that’s me. I am the best air-drummer in New England – or at least I was. I was unceremoniously dethroned last night by Friendly Fires frontman, Ed Macfarlane. Before my defeat however, I had the distinct pleasure of dancing my face off at the Friendly Fires show at Paradise Rock Club.

The three lads from England have been mercilessly touring since February in support of their new album ‘Pala’ – just released last week. They’re going to keep touring across the world until November and according to the sound guy…they’re going to do it all over again in 2012. Trust me. You’re going to want to catch them at least once.

The crowd last night came to dance and Ed, Edd and Jack (why he hasn’t changed his name to Eddy I’ll never know) and their signature dance punk sound filled the more than tall order to perfection. Never ones to hold back, they hit the ground running with ‘Lovesick’, ‘Blue Cassette’ and ‘True Love’. After the first few songs, we all quickly realized that ‘pace yourself’ isn’t a term with which these boys are familiar and the juggernaut of a set list (much like their careers) just kept powering on. While Macfarlane isn’t one for spoken crowd interaction (allowing the songs to speak for themselves) he hopped into the crowd a few times to break it down with us. This guy’s dance moves are unreal. We were definitely schooled.

The relentless beats provided by drummer Jack Savidge were the highlight of the night for me. When he said ‘dance’, we said ‘how hard?’ and the answer was always ‘as hard as you can’. He set a formidable pace all night but we weren’t complaining. It was as if the heat receding outside was coming directly into the venue as we jumped and screamed along to ‘Show Me Lights’, ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ and ‘Jump into the Pool’ (I wish.). The set came to a close with ‘Pull Me Back to Earth’ and ‘Paris’ and just when we thought we might get a rest, the lights hadn’t even cooled before they were back on for an encore of ‘Hawaiian Air’ and ‘Kiss of Life.’ This is where I was taken down a few air-drumming notches. Take a listen to the track and you’ll see why. You’ll also find yourself incredibly impressed that any one human can make those beats (and any second human can pretend to make them on imaginary drums) but it’s true.

The worst part about the show last night is knowing that their UK shows are incredibly flamboyant and much more of a production. They brought a tiny crew with them Stateside but back home they lug around two tour buses full. We can only hope that they keep going at this pace so when they come back they get to bring some of that flare the UK kids get to enjoy on the reg.

All in all it was a fantastic show and definitely a perfect way to spend a Friday night in Boston. So even though my ego is a little bruised (along with the rest of my body) and my foot still a little broken, I don’t mind one bit. Friendly Fires make it hurt so good.


27 May

WHO: Avenged Sevenfold

WHAT: Avenged Sevenfold live performance at 2011 Golden Gods Awards to air Saturday, May 28th on VH1 Classic

WHERE: VH1 Classic

WHY: Avenged Sevenfold’s fifth album, Nightmare, debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. The album has spawned two Number One hits on the Mediabase Active Rock Chart with the songs “Nightmare,” which was the most played current song at the format in 2010, and “Welcome to the Family.” Their current single, “So Far Away,” is following in the footsteps of its predecessors and is quickly climbing the Active Rock and Modern Rock Charts. Avenged Sevenfold achieved worldwide success with their platinum 2005 breakthrough City Of Evil, which featured the wildly popular single “Bat Country”. They are the only band to have headlined the Vans Warped Tour and Ozzfest while simultaneously hitting #1 on MTV’s TRL. In 2006, they won the fan-voted award for Best New Artist for “Bat Country” at the MTV Video Music Awards. The following year, their self-titled album Avenged Sevenfold sold over a million copies around the world. Thanks to their spectacular live shows as well as their rabid fan base, the band has become one of the biggest American hard rock bands and continue to sell out arenas worldwide. This year alone, Avenged Sevenfold will play to more than a million people. Over the course of their career Avenged Sevenfold has built a fanatical fan base resulting in over millions of albums sold worldwide, amassed more than 7.1 million fans on Facebook, and attracted nearly 107 million plays on YouTube.

WHEN: Saturday, May 28th at 10:00 PM EST/PST on VH1 Classic *