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06 May

Gypsyhawk! The band conceived in a bottle of Johnny Walker, and expelled onto the streets of Pasadena, California are about to take to the road this Spring/Summer in what has been dubbed the Defending Good Times Tour. After performing several one-off shows in Los Angeles to get acquainted with new guitarist Erik Kluiber (formerly of White Wizzard fame), it was decided that the four would embark on a tour that will (nightly) consist of three things: Excellent musicianship, outstanding facial hair, and of course, defending good times! Be sure to catch Gypsyhawk in a city near you.

Gypsyhawk is Eric Harris – Bass/Vocals, Andrew Packer – Guitar, Erik Kluiber – Guitar, Ian Brown – Drums

5/6 @ Cafe Du Nord – San Francisco, CA w/ Glitter Wizard and Hot Lunch
5/7 @ Jub Jub’s – Reno, NV w/ Penetration Panthers, Swamp Donkey, Violent Rulers
5/9 @ The Alibi – Arcata, CA w/ TBA
5/10 @ Plan B – Portland, OR w/ Christian Mistress, The Guild
5/11 @ Funhouse – Seattle, WA w/ Thrones, Jr. Worship, Medula Pinata
5/12 @ The Lab – Missoula, MT w/ Green Sickness, Live Lady Meat Fuck, Buffler
5/13 @ Shred Shed – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Jesust, Visigoth
5/14 @ Bar Bar – Denver, CO w/ Warhawk, Malakai, Iconocaust
5/15 @ Zoo Bar – Lincoln, NE w/ Cats Melvin, Higher Empathy Movement
5/17 @ The Annex – Madison, WI w/ Chaos Revolution Theory, Skintones, See the Victim
5/18 @ Pancho’s – Chicago, IL w/ Thunderunderus, Wizard Castle
5/19 @ Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Eye, Bridesmaid
5/20 @ Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH w/ Duunes, Octolope
5/22 @ Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Natur, Hessian
5/23 @ Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Sweet Heart, Every Day Every Night, Thee Nosebleeds
5/24 @ Triple – Richmond, VA w/ Cross-Stitched Eyes, Lost Tribe, Soma
5/25 @ Get Down Bar – Asheville, NC w/ TBA
5/26 @ Green Lantern – Lexington, KY w/ Stampede, The Tall Boys
5/28 @ Hi-Tone – Memphis, TN for the Memphis Hates You Fest
5/29 @ Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK w/ Los Hijos Del Diablo, Lo Pan
5/30 @ Blue Iguana – Texarkana, AR w/ Mothership
5/31 @ The Mink – Houston, TX w/ Lo Pan, Mothership
6/1 @ The ND at 501 Studios – Austin, TX w/ Mothership, Scorpion Child
6/2 @ Night Rocker – San Antonio, TX w/ Mothership
6/3 @ Larry O’s – El Paso, TX w/ Fermentia, March of Chronos, Sector 7

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  1. [...] Gypsyhawk has a video out for their single “Gypsyhawk”. If you don’t know the Southern California metal band’s music yet, this video will give you a crisp idea of how awesome they are. Check it out below and stay tuned over the next week or so to for a new free MP3 from the band. Gypsyhawk Tour Dates [...]

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